Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26,2015 ~  Today I woke up with a smile on my face. I had at least 6 hours of sleep enough to give me back some much needed energy I had lost from my busy time last night attending to the fashion show hosted by Amante Del Lusso. It's a collaboration between Marca Stella Luxury Fashion , Nila Palacios  Latin Fashion & WWW.MY-SECRET-CORNER.COM .

It's again about time that my jewelries be given a chance to be presented in a catwalk by some lovely models from different walks of life. The models were originally from Myanmar, Indonesia & Philippines. All of them had gracefully carried their costumes and accessories with style and elegance.

Coral Reef Style Emerald Green Glass Seed Beads Earrings / Bracelet
Brasilia Evening Gown in satin silk by Nila Palacios Latin Fashion

Gucci Soho Mini Chain Bag by Marca Stella
 — atMarca Stella Luxury Fashion.

Model : Jho Salac ( Philippines )


Swarovski Pearls and Crystal Double Layered Long Necklace / Cuff Bracelet & Matching Crystal earrrings with :
Montevideo Evening Jump Suit in crystal lycra by Nila Palacios Latin Fashion

Miu Miu Nappa Cristal Bag by Marca Stella
 — atMarca Stella Luxury Fashion.

Model : Khin Thitsa ( Myanmar )


Swarovski Crystals &  Pearls combined with Glass Seed Beads matched with Sterling Silver Metals

 Barbados Evening Gown in silk satin with decorative lace by Nila Palacios Latin Fashion

Gucci Soho Mini Chain Bag by Marca Stella
 — at Marca Stella Luxury Fashion.

Model : Yuki ( Indonesia )


Seed Beaded MOP Earrings, Necklace & Bracelet

Model : Dred Napone ( Philippines )


Swarovski Crystals & Pearls Beaded Earrings & Bangles

Model : Khin Co Co ( Myanmar )

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Also available in other colors


Fresh Water Pearls & Crystal  Earrings w / Matching Bracelet

Greta Evening Gown by Nila Palacios Latin Fashion

Saint Laurent Y Clutch by Marca Stella
 — at Marca Stella Luxury Fashion.

Model : Ms. Zeenat B. Ho ( Philippines )

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Ms Zeenat B Ho with Ms. Amy Carter of  Marca Stella

From Left to Right : Ms Amy Carter  ( Marca Stella Luxury Fashion ) , Nila Palacios ( Nila Palacious Latin Fashion ), Marcelina Usman ( Make Up Artist ), Wella Cornelis ( WWW.MY-SECRET-CORNER.COM )

A million thanks to all  my dear friends, models, organizers, special guests, staffs of Jen Hotel and to all the rest of you who had supported this event .It's been a great pleasure to have spent the evening with all of you and  we hope to see you all again soon in the next up coming events .

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June Birth Flower 
Roses were also considered a sacred flower in ancient Egypt and were used as offerings to the Goddess Isis. They have also been used in wreaths having been found in Egyptian tombs.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

You're Invited !

You are invited
to Amante del Lusso’s upcoming event

Date:  Saturday 27 June, 2015

Time:  7:00 to 10:00 pm

Venue:  Lounge@Jen,
 Level 10, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, 
277 Orchard Road

Featuring:  Our speaker for this event will be

 Ms Nila Palacios
creator and founder of Nila Palacios Latin Fashion
Originally from Venezuela and now based in Singapore,  
  she will tell us a bit about the life of an international
 fashion designer and entrepreneur and how
 she keeps her creative juices flowing. 
 She will also give us a sneak peak
 at some of her latest creations! 

Entrance Fee:  $25 nett
 (inclusive first glass of house wine or spirits)

Dress Code:  Smart casual

 +65 6734 1203 by Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Amante del Lusso is social group dedicated to
 bringing together enthusiasts for the finer things in life 
to share refined experiences, exchange knowledge
 and enjoy the company of old and 
new friends with similar interests.
We regularly hold gatherings at 
carefully selected venues in Singapore. 
Each event includes a brief talk by an expert 
to share their knowledge on some aspect of 
fashion, fine food and beverages,
 art, entertainment, sports, travel 
and other luxury lifestyle experiences.   
And of course, there is plenty of time for socializing. 

 Attendance is by invitation only.


Tacha wearing a pearl beaded cuff bracelet one of the items going to be showcased during the fashion show on the 27th June 2015 at Lounge@Jen Gateway Orchard.

So mark your calendars and we do hope to see you at the event this coming Saturday, 27th June at :

   Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore   

   277 Orchard Rd