Sunday, May 22, 2022

May 22, 2022 ~  I  was super excited knowing after 2.5 years of pandemic, I could now go back to the Philippines for vacation.  I had taken a PAL Economy class flight to Manila in the afternoon  of Sunday, 15th of May . No more Singapore airlines coz of cost cutting due to high fares imposed by airlines  nowadays.  Blame it on the Covid 19 pandemic as usual. 

Although truthfully, I was very tired  over the last couple of days  before my departure for Manila , packing my bags & clearing as much stuffs in all the rooms before I leave Singapore , I just didn't mind an economy class and even the 2 hrs of delay during that Sunday. All I want that time was just be able to go home and see my family and kids / grandkids.   

I would be  gone on holidays for 1.5 months and  I had made sure  the dogs are going to be well taken care of and that they would have enough supply of kibbles and wet food while I was gone. I miss them so dearly  especially my sweet Koda Bebe  who is normally wiggling her tail in the morning . 

I know both doggies  Gabby & Koda would be confused why I  wasn't around in and out of the house ... where is our mommy ? 

Sorry doggies but mommy needs to see her other family too . its been over 2 long years ... grandkids had been asking me to come home for so long. I will be back to Singapore anyways ... don't you worry .

I arrived in Manila in the early evening around 7pm but only able to get out of the airport past 8pm due to several flights that arrived at the same time. It took me a while to get my bags and pass the immigration. airport was so crowded ! My flight was also very full . But still, I was happy to be back and saw that my family were so excitedly waiting for my arrival . We all had a late quick dinner once we arrived in the hotel. They all needed to travel back to the province after dropping me in Manila coz the following day was a Monday and kids needed to go to school and my brother needed to go back to his work. So I was left alone again during the night of my arrival in Manila . Haiiissstttt 

Despite of being alone in the hotel room, I got people visiting  me somehow during some days of the week . My siblings, my niece, some lady friends, etc. I had lunch and dinner with other friends as well.  So I got a lot of bonding moments to cherish from Manila  ...

I had packed enough of my beaded jewelries to give as gifts and to sell too. I  was sure people who had ordered and bought some pieces were delighted to have them as presents. Most of them had been looking forward to get some of my handmade beaded mask cords .  I made sure I had brought more than enough for me to give, to sell and to wear myself ...


I was very happy they all had been happy to receive them.  The mask cords  turned into necklaces / bracelets were the most in demand of all . MY sisters and Aunts loved them so much  .

while certain necklaces and bracelets went to my pretty niece  Cezra and my cute grand daughter Ella ... 


Thanks to everyone for liking my creations and hope I could make more soon .