Monday, November 21, 2011

My phone rang around noontime while I was by the kitchen one late afternoon. It was my friend Anne telling me about a lady called Stefanie who's interested about my jewelries and willing to share a table in a community fair. I was delighted knowing I can again put my stuffs on public display ..Yehheeeyyyyyyy!

Twilight Crystal & Pearls earrings with 925 Sterling Silver Flower Hooks Price : AUD$35
Design Comes with Matching Necklace & Bracelet Which are Sold separately !
Swarovski Crystals & Pearls Weaved Bangles $25 / $30

Anne gave me her contact nos. and told me to give her a call the soonest possible. I did gave her a call after 2 days and we agreed to meet up on a Monday aroungd 9am after I drop the kids off to school in the place where the fair would be held. The fete as they call it would be inside the premises of a community church located in Grant St., Innaloo.

Took me just a few minutes from school to reach the exact place and Stefanie was there on the side road on a verge waving at me. Pleasant & cheerful lady who I had happened to meet a few months back in hubby's office opening party in the city. She recognized me easily but it took me a while to figure out where I had seen her familiar face ... ha-ha.

She gave me a few info about the area surrounding the "Living Faith Community Church " & what the fair is all about . It's the very 1st time they're conducting a fair in there so she doesn't have that much ideas what to do and how to get more people to come into the venue yet. It's good that they have some printed flyers ready for distribution . I can have some given to parents in the school during kids' pick up in late afternoon.

The place for the fair is well lighted with ceiling fans, lots of hanging cabinets for New & 2nd hand clothings and other bric-a-brac ! It's indoor but well ventillated and has good airconditioning which I had felt while sitting there for a while talking to Stefanie . There are clean & nice toilets plus a little cooking area on the side by the end of the hall where the food for the fair would be handled for the guests & attendees. Nice grass patched areas outside on the church's front lawns where vendors' and the buying public can easily park their cars during the venue too.

I saw the trestle tables piled neatly in one of the corners and had seen some electrical outlet which is perfect for my lightings. She told me that the table would cost $50 for the day and the money goes straight into the church fund. I had decided to get 2 tables since I 've got loads of stuffs and she can as well put some of her bags for sale into one of the tables to mix with some of my bags & shawls . She only got a few pieces so I don't mind giving her some space on my table.

Based on my years of experiences attending numerous fairs, I gave her some tips on raffle draw prizes and should mandatory tell vendors for a gift donation to go to the raffle draw prizes. She was happy to learn more things from me and I was more than glad to help their community fair.

It doesn't cost much to be of help to others ...
It's always better to give ... than to receive !

So folks , again , don't forget  the date ... it's for this coming Saturday , 26th of November.
 Bring your family , kids , friends even pets along for a fun filled day full of surprises and gifts ...
Thanks again for your upcoming support and see you there !

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov 19, 2011 -Saturday ~ I woke up this morning at exactly 9:45am and I told myself ... gee it was so quiet in the house today ! My 2 kids were off to a sleep-over and hubby had gone a long time ago for his half day office work. Hmmmm what an alone time where I can enjoy every minute of it LOL. But anyways, I leisurely took a quick shower coz I wanted to visit a fair " Craft , Antiques & Collector's Fair " in Claremont showgrounds which had started yesterday. I don't want to miss the opportunity to see the event and the numerous stalls they have in there. It must be sprawling huge having about 350 vendors with all sorts of stuffs to sell. Must be an exciting fair to see hmmmmm. Wanna have a look if they got any jewelries similar to mine too . He-he sneaky me !

Before I could get out of our house my mobile phone rang. I said oh no ! Who can be calling me on a Saturday morning when kids n hubby were not home . I answere and it was my daughter asking me to be there in 15 mins to pick her up n her brother . Oh well ... here we go again with kids asking me to go here there and everywhere aarrgghhhhh! So poor me has to go directly to them and pick them up ... got no choice do I ?
Running out of gas on the way back, I have to fill up the gas tank coz my meter was already blinking and son was nagging to take him to the skatepark nearby. I firmly said no coz now is time that I do something for myself . So tank is full and off we went to the Fair ... no more questions asked huh !

I know I would be seeing lots of interesting stuffs in the said fair coz I'd never been in any Vintage Antique fair at all. Surely what I like would not be interesting for my kids. Vintage & Antiques ? For me some are really wow ... but my kids ? They just hate it ... oh well , the new generation prefers more techno n modern look these days . Everytime I touched n looked at something ... they say oh no mom ... don't even think about it ! Oh Dear !

Browsing here & there, stall upon stall of handmade wares by local designers and artists delighted me.  I noticed several jewelry shops too. Pearls and glass beads are all over the place. But, they don't have the type of designs I make . More intricate handiwork with Swarovski Crystals like I create is not  a common site there. Most of the pieces I found are simply strung or with Focal glass pendants hung in a cord. I Love the glass focal beads and several shops are doing their own glass beads really well. Interesting pieces ! Although What caught my eye on the last row of the Arts n Crafts section was the wirewrapped pearls very similar to mine.The shop was called "KEEP UP WITH THE JONES" by Elaine & Sarah Jones. Interesting Necklace sets and the prices are very affordable. Pity I didn't take any picture in the said stall coz I'm not sure if I'm allowed to take any in the venue . I'm not sure if they have a website ... shame . They really got good stuffs in there. Their items looked very similar to mine pictured below :

A few mmore stops here n there and I discovered several beading components shops in the fair just  like Galaxy Beads of  which has a shop in Morley .I had already visited their beadshop several months ago. Oh wow I'd been all over these bead shops in Perth LOL.

My kids are complaining " Mom come let's go ... we are bored ! " I said " hey ... if you can help me find what I need here , then we can go home soon."  I said I need to find Pigs or Angels for my collection. So off we went to the Antiques part of the fair and started searching in all those cabinets and piles of stuffs on display. We finally came to a halt when I saw these pigs in just 1 shop ! Hurray ...

The Big Pig about 1.5 inches and 2 mini ones about 2 cms only cost a total of $7.00 ... well, not bad ! I was happy to get out of there with my pigs in hand ha-ha . So are my kids too who had started walking back to the car while nibbling on the Chocolates & Fudge we had bought from one of the chocolate shops ...

they are absolutely yummy and good for those with a sweet tooth like my daughter and me !
 Wanna have some ?

Just don't forget , tomorrow is the last day of the Fair and last chance to get some real bargains.

Good word of advice :

 Bring enough cash !

Friday, November 04, 2011

Hello November ... What's Up ?

Oh I thought it's still month of October. Gee... not until I found out on my schedule two days ago that I again have to bring my jewelries for display and sales at the Parent's Group meeting at International School Of Western Australia ( ISWA) on the 3rd of Nov. 2011. Hmmmmm ... time really flies fast these days!

I still have loads of newly created beaded jewelries so I didn't worry much on creating new pieces for the event.

What I'd been worried about was the cleaning of our house the last few days coz I have the real estate agent coming over the same day for the inspection of our place.

I had swept the whole backyard garden all day exactly 3 days ago. Oh, God knows how my back ached like hell at the end of that day. Never again i will sweep that yard coz 2 days after, the dead leaves came back on the grass again falling out from the trees all around. What a waste of all my efforts. The garden was messy again especially yesterday after seeing it in  the morning littered with almost half of a tree that fell down due to strong winds during the night !  Oh My God !


Lucky the broken tree didn't fall during the time I was standing with my broom under it while removing the dead leaves from the grass. What a lucky escape for me ! I can surely say that someone up there is watching over me and it's not the end of the world yet for me ... Yeeessssss!

Anyways, I have to rush to school with kids and all my stuffs in the car at 8:15am. So no time to worry much about the fallen tree. I can't do anything about it anyways. The agent will surely deal with it and have it cleared for us.

The parent Group meeting being done every 1st Thursday of the month started at 9am. The jewelries were laid on the velvet covered table I had brought in myself and everything was fully set up when the meeting started. I even had viewers and buyers even before the meeting had started! Wow ... what a show of support . I appreciate the attention given to my creations. It's heart warming really.

2 hours of selling in the drama room where the meeting was held was again successful just like the 1st time I came to this venue to sell. I even met new parents who just arrived in Perth with their children enjoying their 1st weeks in ISWA.
Welcome again to all the new families in ISWA!
 I wish you all a pleasant stay in Perth just like me & my children do.

Anyways, I would like to thank again the organizers of the meeting for allowing me to be there with my jewelries. A million thanks again and I'm glad I can contribute a percentage of all sales to the school charity fund.

Many, many thank you ladies for all your support & patronage !

Photo courtesy of :

November Birth Flower
The November Birth Flower is the Chrysanthemum
The meaning of the November Birth Flower, the Chrysanthemum is With Love and Cheerfulness

Information about the November Birth Flower, the Chrysanthemum
Definition of the Chrysanthemum: A genus of composite plants, mostly perennial, and of many species including the many varieties of garden chrysanthemums (annual and perennial)

The November Birth Flower, the Chrysanthemum is also called the 'mum'
The flower has been cultivated for the last 2,000 years
The name "Chrysanthemum" is derived from the Greek words "chrysos" meaning gold and "anthos" meaning flower
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