Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nov 19, 2011 -Saturday ~ I woke up this morning at exactly 9:45am and I told myself ... gee it was so quiet in the house today ! My 2 kids were off to a sleep-over and hubby had gone a long time ago for his half day office work. Hmmmm what an alone time where I can enjoy every minute of it LOL. But anyways, I leisurely took a quick shower coz I wanted to visit a fair " Craft , Antiques & Collector's Fair " in Claremont showgrounds which had started yesterday. I don't want to miss the opportunity to see the event and the numerous stalls they have in there. It must be sprawling huge having about 350 vendors with all sorts of stuffs to sell. Must be an exciting fair to see hmmmmm. Wanna have a look if they got any jewelries similar to mine too . He-he sneaky me !

Before I could get out of our house my mobile phone rang. I said oh no ! Who can be calling me on a Saturday morning when kids n hubby were not home . I answere and it was my daughter asking me to be there in 15 mins to pick her up n her brother . Oh well ... here we go again with kids asking me to go here there and everywhere aarrgghhhhh! So poor me has to go directly to them and pick them up ... got no choice do I ?
Running out of gas on the way back, I have to fill up the gas tank coz my meter was already blinking and son was nagging to take him to the skatepark nearby. I firmly said no coz now is time that I do something for myself . So tank is full and off we went to the Fair ... no more questions asked huh !

I know I would be seeing lots of interesting stuffs in the said fair coz I'd never been in any Vintage Antique fair at all. Surely what I like would not be interesting for my kids. Vintage & Antiques ? For me some are really wow ... but my kids ? They just hate it ... oh well , the new generation prefers more techno n modern look these days . Everytime I touched n looked at something ... they say oh no mom ... don't even think about it ! Oh Dear !

Browsing here & there, stall upon stall of handmade wares by local designers and artists delighted me.  I noticed several jewelry shops too. Pearls and glass beads are all over the place. But, they don't have the type of designs I make . More intricate handiwork with Swarovski Crystals like I create is not  a common site there. Most of the pieces I found are simply strung or with Focal glass pendants hung in a cord. I Love the glass focal beads and several shops are doing their own glass beads really well. Interesting pieces ! Although What caught my eye on the last row of the Arts n Crafts section was the wirewrapped pearls very similar to mine.The shop was called "KEEP UP WITH THE JONES" by Elaine & Sarah Jones. Interesting Necklace sets and the prices are very affordable. Pity I didn't take any picture in the said stall coz I'm not sure if I'm allowed to take any in the venue . I'm not sure if they have a website ... shame . They really got good stuffs in there. Their items looked very similar to mine pictured below :

A few mmore stops here n there and I discovered several beading components shops in the fair just  like Galaxy Beads of  which has a shop in Morley .I had already visited their beadshop several months ago. Oh wow I'd been all over these bead shops in Perth LOL.

My kids are complaining " Mom come let's go ... we are bored ! " I said " hey ... if you can help me find what I need here , then we can go home soon."  I said I need to find Pigs or Angels for my collection. So off we went to the Antiques part of the fair and started searching in all those cabinets and piles of stuffs on display. We finally came to a halt when I saw these pigs in just 1 shop ! Hurray ...

The Big Pig about 1.5 inches and 2 mini ones about 2 cms only cost a total of $7.00 ... well, not bad ! I was happy to get out of there with my pigs in hand ha-ha . So are my kids too who had started walking back to the car while nibbling on the Chocolates & Fudge we had bought from one of the chocolate shops ...

they are absolutely yummy and good for those with a sweet tooth like my daughter and me !
 Wanna have some ?

Just don't forget , tomorrow is the last day of the Fair and last chance to get some real bargains.

Good word of advice :

 Bring enough cash !