Monday, November 21, 2011

Community Church Fete ... Come & Join Us!

My phone rang around noontime while I was by the kitchen one late afternoon. It was my friend Anne telling me about a lady called Stefanie who's interested about my jewelries and willing to share a table in a community fair. I was delighted knowing I can again put my stuffs on public display ..Yehheeeyyyyyyy!

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Anne gave me her contact nos. and told me to give her a call the soonest possible. I did gave her a call after 2 days and we agreed to meet up on a Monday aroungd 9am after I drop the kids off to school in the place where the fair would be held. The fete as they call it would be inside the premises of a community church located in Grant St., Innaloo.

Took me just a few minutes from school to reach the exact place and Stefanie was there on the side road on a verge waving at me. Pleasant & cheerful lady who I had happened to meet a few months back in hubby's office opening party in the city. She recognized me easily but it took me a while to figure out where I had seen her familiar face ... ha-ha.

She gave me a few info about the area surrounding the "Living Faith Community Church " & what the fair is all about . It's the very 1st time they're conducting a fair in there so she doesn't have that much ideas what to do and how to get more people to come into the venue yet. It's good that they have some printed flyers ready for distribution . I can have some given to parents in the school during kids' pick up in late afternoon.

The place for the fair is well lighted with ceiling fans, lots of hanging cabinets for New & 2nd hand clothings and other bric-a-brac ! It's indoor but well ventillated and has good airconditioning which I had felt while sitting there for a while talking to Stefanie . There are clean & nice toilets plus a little cooking area on the side by the end of the hall where the food for the fair would be handled for the guests & attendees. Nice grass patched areas outside on the church's front lawns where vendors' and the buying public can easily park their cars during the venue too.

I saw the trestle tables piled neatly in one of the corners and had seen some electrical outlet which is perfect for my lightings. She told me that the table would cost $50 for the day and the money goes straight into the church fund. I had decided to get 2 tables since I 've got loads of stuffs and she can as well put some of her bags for sale into one of the tables to mix with some of my bags & shawls . She only got a few pieces so I don't mind giving her some space on my table.

Based on my years of experiences attending numerous fairs, I gave her some tips on raffle draw prizes and should mandatory tell vendors for a gift donation to go to the raffle draw prizes. She was happy to learn more things from me and I was more than glad to help their community fair.

It doesn't cost much to be of help to others ...
It's always better to give ... than to receive !

So folks , again , don't forget  the date ... it's for this coming Saturday , 26th of November.
 Bring your family , kids , friends even pets along for a fun filled day full of surprises and gifts ...
Thanks again for your upcoming support and see you there !