Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Aug 2016 -  I was very excited to see my hometown again after almost 11 months. Last year I was home in  Sept. To assist in the birth of my 1st grand daughter. Now she had started to walk already and learned how to play and please everybody.  How fast time flies ... next month on Sept 2016 she will be 1 year old already.
Hello there Ella ...

Her 2 elder brothers were growing fast too. Now I can enjoy watching them play bubbles with tbeir cousins by our terrace and hear their laughters and see how they giggle in excitement playing innocently altogether.

 How I wish I could stay longer every time I come home to watch them grow ...

Anyways, I am a busy grandma always looking forward to my limited holidays. I have to see places and visit relatives, siblings scattered in different places. Visit some nice scenic spots away from my hometown too. I had visited Palawan with my son and brother. I got 2 escorts to carry all my loads. Lol ! 

Like me, we were like kids excited to be in a new surrounding. 

I am lucky to be able to take them out there .  Being able to see what other places in the  Philippines look like . Puerto Princesa Palawan is a famous tourist destination for its under water caves and voted one of the world's best  nature spot. You  can find a lot of accomodations suit to anyone's budget. Food is also abundant and not really expensive as well as transport. People are very friendly and helpful. Water sports and activities are readily available and access to several islands nearby.

Eventhough our hotel is about an hour ++  drive from the airport, the roads were built for a  smooth journey to Astoria ( our hotel for 3 days 2 nights ). 

 The hotel got lovely well spaced rooms and totally new ! All I  can say about this place in and out is wow ....

Rooms are well equipped with lightings, aircon,  hot shower, internet connection,  safety  boxes and personal amenities for a more pleasuranle convenient stay.

The restaurant  on the other hand offers a variety of good ala carte food / buffet barbecue although super pricey as compared to other places outside the hotel that can be to troublesome to visit coz too far away .

Worth visiting in this island are the souvenir shops selling South Sea Pearls and native delicacies from sweets to dried seafoods. Palawan is the haven for South Sea Pearls in the Philippines.  I was lost in paradise the moment I saw the pearl shops ! I made sure I got my bargaining skills  when buying a few to take back with me. Sometimes I got lucky and few times I had turned my back and walked away... sigh !

 I didn' t wanna go back to the hotel  after seeing all of these ... can you blame me ?

Oh My God !!!

Seriously, I  cannot stop myself from buying jewelries. Whether just raw materials for my projects or finished designs for my own personal use. 

Also, being in places and shops like these is always a torture for me when I see some thing I really like but I  can't afford to buy it. Oh well ... at least I am happy just being able to buy a few of what's in there somehow. What about you , will you feel the same ?