Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentines Day !

February 14, 2022 ~ Hello , hello , everyone!  Today is one very special day of the year. In fact for every 14th day of February every passing  year. Of course you know why unless you are broken hearted and you prefer not to know this day exists. Don't worry you are not alone in this world feelin that way , not receiving even 1 rose flower nor a simple Happy Valentine's greeting 🤩🤩😍🥰. But still, gotta cheer up and keep doing things that cheer you up the most . Why worry right ? 

So here was my solution to perk me up and put a smile on my face today. I had thought of beading these pieces to gift myself as my valentine's present. Since I was so sure I won't be receiving anything like as usual 😟😞. Gift giving to myself had already been the norm for several years
 so I'm now used to it. 😄😄😁😂

 I had worn all red today and accented myself with hearts . My earrings, My necklace, My bracelet are all beaming with a heart in it to match my black & red outfit. So cute right ? At least I got my hearts out to show and greet the world today with :

 Hey ... Happy Valentines !


I also created this pair of Gold and Red Seed Beads Heart Earrings as an extra alternative in case I would prefer to wear a stud type dangling earrings rather than a hoop dangling type like what I was wearing in the photos above. Women are fickle minded sometimes.... it's a fact ! Better have extras just in case ! 

Aren't they pretty ? 😍😍😍

The easiest gift I can give to myself today. Beautifully presented, reasonably priced & sure to be a hit . Don't you agree ?

💖 Happy Valentine's to Everyone ... 💘
😉 Don't Worry, Be Happy ! 😊


Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Queen Of The Rings

February 1, 2022 ~  Before anything else, let me greet everyone a roaring Chinese New Year today . 

 🐯2022 is the Year of the Tiger🐯

The most important holiday for billions of people in China and around the world, Lunar New Year (also called the Spring Festival) is a two-week celebration that this year starts on February 1 which is today  exactly.

Anyhow, festivals or not, I would still be in my beading room pouncing like a tiger playing with my beads. Yep, you guessed it right. I didn't go out today to celebrate the New Year festivities with friends or family unlike my Chinese counterparts anyways . So I just decided to quietly make things out of my scattered stuffs on my beading table and ended up making several rings of the same pattern but in several color combinations which I find very enjoyable. Very pleasing to the eye looking at these sparkling crystals right infront of me. they shine and sparkle like diamonds ! 😘😍💫

The outcome were quite very cute and easy to slip into fingers. I had used my favorite 4mm Swarovski Glass Pearls, 4mm Crystal AB bicones for the focal design and Delicas or Toho seed beads for each of the ring band. I am very happy with the way they look once worn on the finger. Very elegantwith the flashy effect of Aurora Borealis finish of the bicones never fails to impress. A simple pattern handmade beaded ring could look like a thousand bucks at a glance , no joke !!! 

Aurora Borealis or AB is the abbreviation for this special finish which was applied to rhinestones and beads in the early 1950's to make them appear more radiant. The finish was given the  name Aurora Borealis, taken from the phenomena sometimes seen in the skies of Northern countries known as the Northern Lights. The same  rainbows of colour can also be seen radiating from a glass rhinestone or bead that has been treated with this famous coating.

These rings would be available and listed in my FB shop / Etsy Shop as well in the coming days. Rest assured the right fitting size will be available for you in the Ring Size section.   Rings can also be custom made upon order. 

Aren't they pretty ? 

These beauties surely make me feel like a Queen when I wore them all in my fingers .... why not ?  LOL!