Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Swarovski Basic Class

 April 2018 -  glad to be back here and tell you some activities and achievements  I had accomplished during months of being quiet and in deep silence. I hate  neglecting my blog for quite a while but too many ups and down came my way and I had no choice but to deal with them . 2017 was a very sorrowful year for me after losing my my mother, then my father and even followed by my younger brother. Devastating to loose 3 of my loved ones within 1 year. It was very hard to take and I never talked about it and my health suffered . Luckily my blood pressure is now stable unless I get angry at things around me . So I try hard to avoid being irritated or annoyed by people around me.  I indulged myself into learning more beading techniques and enrolled myself to the "Swarovski Authorized Instructor Course ". I had finished the Basic , Intermediate and Advance courses and after a few more rquirements in submitting tutorial designs, I now got my  final certificate for it. ( Refer to Photo Above )


Now I am as happy as a bee given the authorization to conduct beading workshops as a Swarovski Instructor. I am now doing workshops on a part time basis during weekends for Koi Ming  ... a company based here in Singapore. I am glad of the opportunity to share what I know to aspriring students and to teach them more designs and beading techniques.

My 1st Basic trial class conducted on March 4 and my 1st official basic beading class with Kono ( Japanese lady ) on April 21st were tuly awesome and enjoyable !

Spring Bloom Crystal Earrings
Basic Trial Class

After my Basic Trial class was approved, I was given the go signal to finally conduct my workshop after a few weeks. Happy to be able to share my beading knowhow to interested students  like Ms. Kono pictyred below : 

April 14, 2018 -:1st official beading lesson with Ms. Kono at Koi Ming ....

CZARINA Pink Necklace
 Basic Level
Date : April 14, 2018
Time : 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Course Fee : $27.00 excluding materials

Carmencita Earrings Workshop
Basic Level
Date :  April 21 , 2018
Time : 4:00pm -5:30pm
Course Fee : $27.00 excluding materials

Audrey Pearl Bracelet - Basic Level workshop
Dafe : April 28, 2018
Time : 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Course Fee: $36.00 excluding materuals

Please note that upcoming tutorials are now in progress for the month of May too so check my blog again soon  ...