Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Another Rainy Day ...

October 20, 2021 ~ Another pouring rain in Singapore today. 

The skies had been gloomy and dark everywhere since this morning but I am happy & thankful to have my plants watered without my efforts 😍👋. Less watering work for me and instant car wash to get rid of the dusts too ... hurray !

Dogs had been lazying around indoors all day. Sorry Gabby & Koda, no walking for us outside today ....

 Tiled floors outside and the Grass were soaking wet so they were not in the mood to wet their paws at all and keeping themselves dry indoors. Nice and easy to just nap and lay everywhere inside the house all day for them. Good life isn't it !

Watching Netflix movies lately had been the norm while alone with the dogs too.

I can watch as much as I can until dawn. Binge watching is an addiction wonder I had develop layers of eyebags these days. Helppppp 😆😆😆 LOL!

So no beading and painting had ever happened since the start of October at all. I admit I had been lazy and uninspired to do my crafts over the last 2 months. oh well, just call it as a simple break & vacation from my handyworks for a change. I badly needed a well deserved vacation anyhow to put a halt into my everyday house chores routine.

So far what else had kept me busy and away from beading ? Well, I had the pleasure of wearing my favorite crystal bracelets everytime I go out to match my outfits. I am such a diva spoiling myself sometimes ... why not 😝😝😝.

I had been bonding with some friends watching movies in  Lido Shaw Theater   too when they ask me to come with her / them . Right now we can only allow group of 2 persons so if we are more than that, we always have separate tables and keep safe distances between us. Imagine chatting over messenger with friends just a meter away from you ? that's the normal scene nowadays to avoid being fined for breaching Covid-19 protocols. Better be safe from prying eyes lurking around trying to catch offenders...

I had 1st watched the Nicolas Cage Movie ~ Prisoners Of The Ghostland . I would rate it as a poor type and  such a waste of time movie though. I got so very upset & dissappointed really with this type of low budget / crappy story movie. Pity coz how I love action movies starring Nicolas Cage.This movie is for me was a big fail for him. Not my type of movie at all. 

 Anyways, I tried watching another movie with my friends the following week and we went to watch VENOM this time starring Woody Harrelson. Oh wow, this one was entertaining indeed. I always love the humorous character of Woody Harrelson 😁😁😁.

Then a few days later , I went all alone to the theater to watch the latest James Bond 007 movie " No Time To Die"  starring  Daniel Craig. I never saw his previous bond movie but I found this latest one full of action and packed with good stories from the characters. A mix of drama , action & romance ! Bond movies always go for magnificent views and locations too. Awesome and I rate it with all my thumbs up 😍👍👍😍.

The pandemic is still soaring in Singapore lately with over 3k infections per day but I guess we better start treating such situations as the norm now or we would never be able to enjoy life outside our homes. I am now fully vaccinated with MODERNA but I know being infected is just around the corner and can be possible anytime if I don't take care when I go outside. The only thing is being vigilant and to avoid too much crowds. 

Safe distancing and wearing my mask needs to be observed at all times too unless you are eating or drinking. 

I hope Covid 19 will soon slow down ... hope hope hope ...

Take care of yourselves everyone and remember :

Always be vigilant 
Keep Safe Distancing
Wear Mask !