Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22, 2016 - My short holiday to Bali was well spent walking around and touring some nearby places from where I had stayed in Legian. Legian is located north of Kuta which on the other handmwas indeed a very busy area in Bali where most of the tourists were concentdated to party hard. I didn't go there to party though but with a mission to find some silver components suppliers and of course check for some beadshops in the neighboring area too.

I was lucky to have met a good driver in the airport when I arrived in Bali. He became my tour guide when I rented his taxi to take me to some silver suppliers. I didn't find the real silver components manufacturers but I found some reputable finished silver jewelry suppliers in Celuk instead. This village is the silver and gold centre of Bali.

Mop and Blue Coral Pendants

Finished jewelry from UC Silver showroom

Most of the places I had been to only sells the finished jewelries. I got frustrated when they won't disclose where I could find a place where I can buy the silver findings / components I need for my beaded jewelries. I am sure they were just nearby. Lucky I stumbled on 1 silver findings shop as we drove along Celuk on that rainy day. Despite it was pouring rain, I told Juni the Balinese driver to keep on driving till we find a shop selling what I need. 

Going thru small little streets off the main road ...

Small narrow streets as we search for silver artisans ...

What I found and bought in 1 silver components shop .

It wasn't easy to find the shops selling just silver findings. The technique to get hold of these components is to bring some samples and get it copied there by the small artisans. That way you would be able to get what you really need. Most shops are just selling the finshed jewelries and not their  components or findings. So next time I go back there, I will bring the samples, get them done in 3-4 days and continue my holidays while awaiting the completion of my order. Therefore, a 5 days holidays in Bali would be great enough to get all my orders done. Or another option is to email them a few weeks before you get to Bali the pic of items to be  copied and pick them up as soon as you get there. Ahaaa ...  Now I know !

Anyhow, quite a bonus that I  had managed to find a bead shop just about 300 meters from my hotel. Oh my gee... I was so delighted when I walked in there . See what I mean ? My eyes were feasting ...

Oh well, it gave me a  hard time to come out of there without buying anything . Of course I didn't leave the shop empty handed. How can I ? Impossible !  So I ended up getting at least 20 strands of differnt types of recycled glass beads. The owner was very nice and accomodating. I will surely come back to this shop once I set my foot in this area of Legian again.

For now, all I hope is to come here again for another holidays soon.
Fingers crossed !