Tuesday, June 04, 2013

It's been past midnite last night and I just couldn't sleep. Tossing here n there after watching a string of different movies all night long. I got so uneasy up to a point when I finally decided to check my emails. It's been days I had not opened my email accounts. Even my ebay accounts had been neglected for a while having no inspiration that would trigger my interest to open any of them.  Emails had always been bombarded by spam and junk mails while ebay had been so very quiet and boring lately.

Browsing thru, I saw a passage that said clearly :" Rest In Peace" . Knowing the sender very well, I immediately got tears flowing out of my eyes without even reading the whole message yet. My Singaporean friend Beeling had sent me a message indicating my poor dog "ZUMA" had died in her home yesterday morning between 5-6am. Zuma had just been discharged from the hospital last week due to kidney failure. Browsing more to Beeling's earlier messages sent last Friday, she had attached Zuma's pictures telling me how worried she is with the dog's condition deteriorating so fast after te hospital.

2 years ago...
Zuma Nowadays ...
Yesterday  ....
Zuma had lost a staggering weight due to the sickness as compared to her normal weight of 22-25 kg 2 years ago. She had lost her battle without me by her side. I'm so devastated by the fact I was not able to make it on time before her last breathe. It's so heart breaking.

Sept, 2009
We have a bond the moment she came to my life. For her, I'm her mother who offered her warm and a motheryly cuddle the 1st night she arrived in our home while she was crying all night.Her puppy cries pinched my heart that I came out of my bedroom and took her in my arms as she was shaking in the cold of the night. She fell asleep on my belly while wrapped around by a towel while I fell asleep on the sofa. From that moment on, she never left my side .She follows me everywhere I go and kept me company whenever I'm alone concentrating in my beadroom most of the time to keep my mind away from depression and problems I had during those awful time of my married life.

She was my constant companion whenever I needed somebody. She watches over me and listens to what I say even if I sing out of tune sometimes..

 I would know when she's scared coz she would hide under my chair and rub her body on my feet to get my attention. For me, she's one of my kids looking for my attention and care.

Whenever I'm out for errands, she would patiently wait for me while she guards my beadroom. I love the moments whenever I come home being approached by her s she wiggles her tail in joy everytime I open the front door. Then she would slowly give my hand a small bite punishing me for leaving her at home .

For my kids, she's a good guardian together with her partner Cortez. She watches over them in and out of home anytime of the day .


watching kids by the football field ...
Joining a pictorial for Harley Davidson Calendar ....

I had now lived in Perth for almost 3 years from Aug. 2010 to the present .The fact she and Cortez were both left in Singapore and got adopted by Beeling during my moving out in 2010 had been such a heartbreaking event I had to deal with till this day. My heart bleeds everynow and then just by thinkin of them. My constant thoughts of both of them wiggling their tails when I come to visit Singapore is always a positive scenario and giving me something to look forward to with joy and excitement in my lonely heart.

 But the clock had been ticking and I had been stucked here in Perth due to some other problems hindering my travel to Singapore. I had been worried sick about the time passing by knwing Zuma is not gonna last very long due to her poor health. Now my fear of loosing her had come... unfortunately, I was not there to give her my last pat on her head, caress her soft cheeks and whisper to her " Zuma, mommy is here... go to sleep and rest peacefully now ".

 I was just way too late to let her know I have always been thinkin about her. ...

I'm so sorry Zuma for not being there during your last moments....
I know you had been constantly waiting for my return.
 You know that I will return one day. You know me  that well ...

You'll never give up on me,  I know you wouldn't...
but unfortunately. Time had been so cruel. between us
I had failed you ... I'm so very sorry .

I Love You ...

 Rest In Peace !


Saturday, June 01, 2013

La Vie En Rose ...

June Birth Flower
The June Birth Flower is the Rose, as shown below.
The Meaning of the June Birth Flower, the Rose
The general meaning of the June Birth Flower, the Rose are symbols of love and beauty.
The History and traditions surrounding the June Birth Flower, the Rose is fascinating. There are many myths and legends about the origins of this tradition. It is believed that birthday celebrations originated in the Roman Empire and the origins of birth month flowers, such as the Rose,  could be said to date back to these times. During Roman birthday celebrations family and friends offered congratulations and brought gifts. The gifts included gemstone jewelry, such as the Pearl, and also flowers - the first traditions and origins of the June Birth Flower.
The Hidden message of June Birth Flower, the Rose
The hidden message of the Birth Flower, the Rose, so favored during the Victorian era varied according to color:
  • Color Red - I Love You
  • Color White -  I am worthy of you
  • Color Orange -  You are my secret love
  • Color White -  You are Heavenly
  • Color Yellow - I am not worthy of your love
  • Color White & Red - We are inseparable
  • Color Pink - Please Believe Me