Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 ... At A Glance !

Hello 2012 - Goodbye 2011

I'm kind of speechless today ... a new year had started hours ago greeted by fireworks seen from the 2nd floor terrace of my humble home here in the town of Sta. Cruz, Laguna Philippines .

Sta. Cruz , Laguna Philippines

This is the 1st time in 16 years that I had celebrated Christmas & New Year with my own family back here in my hometown.

Relatives from even far away places came to visit and I was able to see  them after so many years ! The best part is seeing my mom happy being with her sisters . My aunties whom my mom hardly see and be with. Even the gathering of young children in my family is fun and wacky to see ...

 I felt much happier compared to the last few years ! Indeed the feeling of happiness is overwhelmong although in a corner near my heart I have this pain knowing my 2 younger children where back in Perth away from me and were not able to join the fun.This is the very 1st time I ever left them for almost a month . Leaving them on their own with their father makes me sad coz I know it's not easy without me managing with them. Oh well .. time is moving on and they're growing up. About time they learn to manage themselves too. I'm sure they would do ok . Soon I'll be home anyways .

2011 is now over but memories of the year that had passed would forever linger and bring back  the smile as well as tears spent with certain events in my life . The last 2 years had been a constant roller coaster ride for me and I did held on tight to whatever for dear life and constant search for happiness.

My stay in Perth for over a year now yielded more struggle to overcome loneliness and stress brought about by personal problems. But as a cliche goes  " No one can put a good man down !". So I'm here proudly with my chin up high to prove that I'm still firm where I stand !

I 'm well blessed to have the strenght to keep my wits together and have my loyal good friends scattered in different parts of the world always running to my side. How I love them all dearly.

Preparation of beads for a crocheted wire design .

The finished wire crochet beaded necklace proudly worn by a good friend of mine who bought it while I was travelling in Singapore. last Dec 2011.

 My beads ... how I love my craft materials which are my constant companion in the wee hours of the night. They are my most trusted buddies distracting me from thinking about my personal problems and helping me somehow financially. Not only I gained materially but I also earned respect and admiration from friends I had known before and to new friends I meet along the way when I attended the bazaars  to sell my handcrafted jewelries.

The Australians are very nice people to hang around with . Especially those I had met during the craft bazaars and those I had come across with last November from the Living Faith community church. Somewhere somehow I felt like I had a new found family who takes me in no matter who I am . The feeling was great ... awesome .. and I enjoy coming to meet them every Sunday morning in the community church.


Not only these people adopted me but they also supported my jewelries. For the month of Dec., I had sold almost all the angel themed car charms, key chains I had made to support some charities.

I do thank you all for your support and wishing everyone a

Happy New Year 2012.

Flowers on the front entrance of the International School Of Western Australia