Sunday, January 29, 2012

January ... Go, Go .. go!

Nearing the end of  January , I couldn't help myself looking back to the last few weeks that had passed by so quickly. From the celebration of New Year's day with my family after 16 yrs is a big change for all of us back in the Philipppines, to the celebration of my daughter's 25th Birthday

Happy 25th Birthday Barbie !
the occassion where I had accidentaly burned my left hand while baking some chocolate chip cookies using a gas oven unknowingly turned off by my wondering 1 yr old grandson ,
As u can see... some of the cookies were burned too ! 
Luckily , that was the last batch in the oven ha-ha !

Just a few mins after my hand got exposed to the fire that sudeenly came out of the gas oven when I lit it up ! Ahhhhhhh it was  extremely painful !

Then to the silent moments of my own birthday back in Perth on the 3rd week ...

Thanks for the thoughtful greetings from my friends who happen to include Fire Mountain Gems .
My favorite Beading supplier from the USA.
Thank You So Much !

My birthday which started with disaster when the flower shops I went to were closed during that day.

I was about to buy myself my favorite flowers ... but luckily I found some good ones in a supermarket in FLOREAT FORUM. So still , my day wasn't bad at all ... plus ... now hear this one ... I had an extra bunch of flowers around noon from hubby. We both have the same color theme too .. Yellow ! Now that's a sure miracle LOL!

before I forget ( How can I  ? ) , my kids had also given me a nice Birthday present. This nice shiny clock was perfect to keep me in time . Thanks kids .. muaaahhhhh !

Anyways , there is really so much more to tell about this month.
But , oh my head starts to stir while trying to recall the events . Hmmmmmmm this is gonna be a long blog for sure ha-ha !

My days are filled with chores to catch up to when I was back in Perth.  But my poor left hand was often keeping me at bay so from time to time I do sit and browse the internet for some news and get updates from friends. I also had visited my ebay sites and even bought a nice pair of garnet earrings from ebay seller "jewelsbyheather".
. Isn't this pair gorgeous ?

I bought it as a birthday gift to myself  LOL!
I had this pair included in my Garnet collection I had bought for myself several years ago . Garnet is my favorite color / stone and by coincidence and luck ... it happened to be my birrhstone .

Anyways, back to my poor burned left hand , despite of what my hand had bern  putting me through it never stopped me from beading a cleopatra necklace for 3 days !

Despite of the pain ... my passion still has to go on. Beading just never ends !

3 days of beading and my cleopatra necklace is now ready !

The skin layer under the burned skin was still raw and inside was still tender and sore so I have to be very careful not to loose the upper layer of the skin inorder not to expose myself to infection.

Now this stage was the worst  moment coz the skin came off when I was washing my hair in the shower !

 I was almost into crying for several nights coz the itch and the pain were combining ! I had tried to soothe my skin with Aloe Vera gel as often as I can . Unbelievable but true, The gel had healed my hand fast ... much better than the Papaw ointment considered as a healing oitment for burns. So my advice to all of you out there is to stock up on Aloe Vera Gel . I don't just use it for the burned hand but I had been already using it on my face as a moisturizer for over a year now.
 It worked wonders I'm telling you !

Image Detail
This is an image of what I had used to soothe my burned hand. I had bought this bottle in Singapore last December 2011
So go and don't hesitate to try this product .

My burned left hand has now healed with just a slight scar by the base of my middle finger.

But my pain isn't over yet. Presently, I'm suffering from a severe left back pain. I just couldn't sit for a long time but I tried my best to move around as much as I can. In fact , been doing a lot of movements in n out of the house just to put my attention somewhere else to ignore the pain. But of course in the end ... I need to sit and keep my hands busy ... beading like crazy as usual ha-ha . Truthfully, the pain is worst if I sit and I don't know why !

 I still have to unpacked  the loads of beads / findings I had amassed during my trip to Singapore and Philippines. They are all still in plastic bags. Oh no ! With my aching back right now ... leaning and reaching down is my biggest problem coz it creates a huge stabbing pain on my left back. How I hate this pain.

I need to see a physiotherapist as soon as possible. After I had searched the internet for the possible causes of this back problem I can be sure it concerns a muscle tissue I had strained in my back from carrying heavy loads from the supermarket about a week ago. Here in Perth , I have to carry everything in n out of the cart, into the cashier back in the cart then out again to put in the car then out of the car once again to bring inside the house. How I miss Singapore for the home deliveries coz they deliver all the boxes of drinks and groceries all the way into the kitchen ! Here in Perth , I can't get that convenience at all ! I have to do this job all alone everytime !

Well anyways ...  I am glad I can still sit right now to type my blog . Sitting while leaning on a warm bottle of water to relax the muscle on my back and relieve the pain somehow. But surely tomorrow when I wake up ... 1st thing I'm gonna do is go to my doctor and ask for referral to a physiotherapist ! I can't bear this pain anymore . So ... I must go ... go ... go !