Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Created Simply Out Of The Blue !

For almost a month now, I'd been hardly on my beading table creating anything. Revision of Websites had taken most of my time. But no regrets everytime I see my pages and my viewers coming from all over the place. Gee ! I'm getting known in the world although I'm just sitting here at home Lol !

Well Anyway, My Lariat Necklace ( see the poor thing ? ) is not even halfway , wonder when will I ever finish it. But, I had added at least 3 inches to its lenght this morning somehow in between my packing ( filling up 4 suitcases at least ) . What an accomplishment huh !

Then suddenly, something blinked on the side of my mind ( oh no ... I'll be taken away from finishing the Lariat again ... ) . I remembered suddenly the pair of earrings ( magazine indicated it's from a Shop called Ola ! ) I had seen on CLEO magazine last Sunday in the restaurant. My memory is quite sharp ( even I didn't have any good sleep the last few nights ! ) that I can clearly picture those earrings and the way they were wired. Absolutely simple but yet , stunning pieces of ornament. I make jewelries but when I see other people's creative stuffs, I get so fascinated ! Quite a pity I was not able to know who made those earrings to give some credits to the talented crafter ! Also too bad for me for not not being able to buy that issue of CLEO Magazine for referrence , so I just kept the image in my mind ! How I would love to create earrings like that for myself or as a gift to friends.

But with great liking to the earrings & with such inspiration, I took out some Seed beads in 3 different colors and sizes , 2 Glass beads, 2 Briolettes & A roll of Gauge 22 Non Tarnish Silver Artistic Beading wire . I'm up for a big challenge !

I started laying all the materials on my craft mat. For me its a challenge to make things out of what I can visualize in my head. Photographic memory I guess is working well on my advantage ! I'm not an expert in terms of wiring and never had any formal lessons about wiring stuffs ( but love to see the magnificent works of David Plumlee , Armored Hearts just to name a few ) . But for me, one doesn't need to be expert to create something, when there's a will , there's a way! So that pushed me a lot to start this project ...

A bit of turning wires here and a bit of twisting wires there using my bare hands to shape the earrings ( using pliers might break the seed beads so I stayed away from pliers for a while until I reached the part whenI have to cut the loose wires and put the Earring Hooks ). process took me at least 25 mins the most. Happy and contented here's what I had finished :

" #GBER150= Always In My Mind "
Wired Square Earrings

Materials Used :

2 Pcs. 15mm Briolette Beads , Size 6/0 & 8/0 Seed Beads
2 pcs 10mm Lampwork Beads
2.5 Ft. Artistic Wires
1 Pair Earring Hooks

( Excellent For Beginners & Intermediate )

BTW, I'm still in the mood to make another pair but in a different shape and color. So, Here's the 2nd Pair I made for about 45 mins soon after I finished the 1st pair ...


Wired Earrings

Materials Used :

2 Pcs. 18mm Flat Blue Chalcedony Teardrop Beads , Size 8/0 &11/0 Seed Beads
2 pcs 12mm Lampwork Beads
2.5 Ft. Artistic Wires
1 Pair Earring Hooks

( Project Suitable For Beginners with basic Wiring Knowledge & Intermediate )