Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Be Safe Everyone !

April 14, 2020 ~ Kind of depressing that most of us were stucked indoors during this hard time of Covid 19 spreading all over the world. immediate lockdowns were enforced and we cannot go out normally without fear unlike before. Some with children at home were struggling to cope while some were separated from loved ones due to travel restrictions. It was chaos for the poor people with no means to sustain their daily lives  when no work no pay was their way of living everyday.

 Lucky are those with white collar jobs who were blessed enough to work from home with their loved one with them at home.  At least they could still keep their jobs, salaries and benefits compared to those who lost their jobs. They can also enjoy the feeling of being safe at home enjoying the views and bonding with their pets too ( I do , 😍😍😍 )

I am a homemaker and I only go out if I need to buy provisions. But being forever at home during this lockdown also affected my way of life. lucky I got arts to do at home once I get tired of doing house chores.  I had learned to create things to kill time as it passes by since I was a child. So coping with being at home is not that hard for me since I was used to it anyways.

I had the means to entertain myself even without the help of media tools. Beading & painting or sewing / crocheting  , bonding with son & pets were good means of keeping my sanity these days. I hope some people out there could find some hobbies as well to distract them from sadness, boredom and insanity caused by the pandemic. 

I wish everyone to be safe from the sickness.
Please stay home and be safe !



Public Service Announcement
Help stop coronavirus
STAYhome as much as you can
KEEPa safe distance
WASHhands often
COVERyour cough
SICK?Call ahead