Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bad Hair Day ?

April 30,2020 ~ No matter how bad the situation is nowadays due to the worldwide spreading of Covid 19, I am peaceful and quiet at home doing my own sruffs.  I don't go out partying, no meetings with friends and no going to my hairdresser too. My greys had grown so long now that my head had turned multi colored in Brown, Grey and Mahogany during daylight. Highlights galore !

 Geezzz... looked aweful ha ha !😂😄😅
I just told myself over and over that I am not the only one suffering from lack of spoiling from a hair salon. For me  it wasn't such a big deal coz I can always stay in my room all day and noone would ever see me anyways . LOL !

Wirewrapped Tiger Eye Beads Earrings

I just normally make a retreat into my beadroom and create more jewelries inorder not to be bothered much of my poor looking hair. Although I would say I was even starting to like the way my hair looked these days. Kind of  cool... lol. 

Anyways, I  had been doing a lot of wire wrapping so I can use my non tarnish artistic beading wires hidden in my drawers . My fingers hurt when I twisted the wires due to my arthritis
Getting old  sucks sometimes ... the more we age, the more ptoblems arise here and there,
oh well. 


Wirewrapped Red Aventurine Earrings