Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Stay Home ... Do Something !

March 24 2020  ~  2nd week of stay home orders to contain the spread of Covid 19. I know it's not easy but people must think of things to do while  being held inside their homes. A hobby can be of great help but for some who got no artistic talents or without the necessary materials to create some forms of art are faced with such a dilemna. I know it sucks when you got something in your mind but doesnt have the resources to put them into physical forms . Very frustrating ! 🙄😔😵

I was happy I got my gelish nails done before the lockdown. At least they are beautiful to look at and and makes me smile when I get bored.
Aren't they awesome ? 

Now with my nice nails, I am happy to bead my frustrations away.

I got enough materials to perform my hobby and be busy even for the rest of the year. Even with pandemic, there is no stopping me with my passion for beading. 

Life is good... covid or without covid , my beading will continue. 
Stay home ...
 bead some more ...
 be safe !