Saturday, March 07, 2020

~ Beading For Beginners ~

( Skill Future March 2020 )

March 7, 2020 ~ I had 2 students for the basic beading tutorial today. They were both clueless and had no experience in beading and handling tools for wiring whatsoever at all. Both of them were kind of very curious on how they would start the 2 projects. I just assured them the weaving and wiring techniques were not that hard to tackle. I told them that these 2 projects will surely test their patience and abstract thinking. Nothing to worry about ... trust me !

The 1st project we did was the Pearl charm necklace pictured below which required some basic wire wrapping :

Pearl / Crystal Charm Necklace
I slowly guided them to be familiar with the tools , pliers , wires and beads. Naming all the materials and their uses for easy handling.

when it comes to wiring, a jewelry maker needed to learn how to handle and manipulate 2 pliers at the same time. To know which plier is appropriate to use is very important inorder to achieve the desired shape of the wire. 

Necklace done , Hurraayyy !

Pearl Woven Bracelet Done !

Good job ladies !
I will look forward to seeing both of you again next week for the next set of lessons on basic beading