Saturday, March 14, 2020

Wirewrapping Tutorials

March 14, 2020 ~ another productive day is almost over . I have gone back to my room trying to remember all that had happened  several hours ago. Yup, my brain is still working so I can still manage to blog before going to sleep. What did I do today ? 🤔 The morning was started with my early rise from bed at 7:15 am through the help of my phone alarm. Tha ks to this gadget... Lol!  Then I went downstairs to pet my excited doggies,  had a coffee, fed  their tummies to the maximum and immediately made a quick lunch to leave for my family. Spaghetti is the quickest and easy menu I had prepared . 

Then  at 9 am, I drove off to Chinatown for my beading lessons - 1 at 10:30 am and 2nd lesson at 1:30pm.
I had the charm bracelet and the wire wrapped earrings lined up for 2 students. Due to fear for Covid19, lesser people had signed up  and it was saddening, but still, I needed to uplift my spirits and those of my attendees and continue to tend to my supportive students. Like any artists would say, the show must go on ....😍😙😘

The main  focus of today's lessons was wire wrapping for beginners  with silver tone artistic metal wire using gauge #24 which is soft , pliable and easy to bend with pliers or even with their figertips . All supplies were bought from Koi Ming Enterprise. which is one of the biggest craft stores in Singapore and my most reliable source of beading materials for all my crafts - crystals, gemstones, glass beads, metal parts , tools, etc.  With a vast variemty of items they have and incredibly lovely and friendly staffs , yiu won't be going anywhere else to shop.
All my beading lessons were hosted by them as well. 😍😘😗

Saturday and I found it quite quiet today in Chinatown. Covid 19 had scared many oeople here and even I was scared too. But we all need to practice good hygiene and make it a habit to always wash our hands and sanitize. Avoid touching our face too to avoid being infected. 

Anyways, Koi Ming  did their best best taking the temperature of each of their staffs as well as anyone who came to the shop today. Every staff was wearing a safety mask. Safety comes first wasn't it ? Good job !

My first lesson  was the " Pearl Charm Bracelet " at 10:30am. Swarovski pearls and silver tone metals were used for this basic wiring project . Freely provided for use were the beading mats, pliers , bead trays and plastic bags for their finished project. 


With this bracelet project, students were taught the correct & appropriate pliers to use ( round nose and flat nose stainless pliers + the cutter in particular )  and the best ways to combine the use of 2 pliers , gripping 1 plier in each hand to manipulate , hold and cut the wires.  May not be simple at first try but with patience and perseverance,  things would get easier . It takes time to master this  wirewrapping technique and based on my  own experience,  a month of training is the minimum time to master this craft all by yourself which I did. 

We had an hour break after the bracelet project and came back at 1:30pm to get to the next lesson which was the wire wrapped earrings with Swarovski pearls.  I hardly use crystals in my wirewrapping projects due to the delicate and easy to break characteristics of crystals when handled by beginners. Swarovski materials were not cheap so I try to minimize the breakage of materials and especially the material cost for my students. Once they have mastered the craft , then they can opt to get much better materials according to their preferrence. For now, they better use the easy materials for their beginners' projects. 

Congrats to my students for reaching another milestone in their beading journey. The Swarovski certificate was given after finishing all their projects.

 I hope they will strive & continue to learn more techniques and venture into more delicate styles in the future. Thanks once again for being my supportive students and wish you the best in your projects.