Thursday, January 28, 2021

In The Mood For Blue ....

January 28, 2021 ~ Month of January is nearly ending but my jewelry orders are somehow still piling up. Especially the most intricate designs purchased before are now on great demand to be duplicated. I am so grateful that despite of the pandemic struggles I could still find ways to earn a bit somehow. 🙏🙏🙏

Above was the purchased piece a week ago given to a lucky birthday celebrant in the British Club. 
Take a quick peek on my instagram for the :
 It fitted perfectly around the wrist and she was not willing to give it back . LOL !

Since another lady friend had seen the bracelet during the occassion, she also requested to have a  somewhat similar piece in her measurement. Her wrist is bigger so I am now creating a size 8" bracelet for her instead of 7.5" and with a different clasp closure. 

The main oval stones are Blue Goldstone surrounded by Toho glass seed beads.
Blue Goldstone connects you with the divine and gives you wisdom , energy and courage
Blue Goldstone, with its chakra healing powers, will have you feeling a rush of tranquility and clarity, for it is incredibly soothing 😍😍😍

I would always be grateful to all my supporters for giving me the chance to satisfy their requests and come up to their expectations. 

Always a Happy Beader !