Friday, May 02, 2014

May ... Hellloooooooooo !

May 2, 2014 ~  Welcoming the month of May with some fabulous creations designed by yours truly , 

also with events like the one I had attended yesterday in Cafe Le Caire located in 39 Arab Street.
It was hosted by Ms. Veronica Yeo  :

 The world's fastest growing network of sassy professional ladies is now online with our own network! 

It only takes a few minutes to complete your free profile and start connecting with other ladies in your area! It's similar to linked in but fun, feminine and complimented with real life networking events.

We've hit 400 members online since launching our beta program in February, from a range of countries, industries and walks of life.

I was glad that I didn't hesitate to come and join its High Tea event  yesterday because I was able to meet some very interesting bussiness minded ladies in the venue at Cafe Le Caire located at 39 Arab Street.

A Specialty Cup cake by Glamz Gallery.

I had brought some jewelry pieces in the venue as well and displayed them on our designated table during the event. The gathering of various types of working women itself was great that I had collected some of their business cards for future refference. I already even had some added to my FB account.

But anyways, I didn't only end up with these cards, I also even had a goodie bag loaded with free product samples as well as spa / massage vouchers.

Earrings of My-SECRET-Corner Modelled by a friend