Saturday, May 30, 2020

It Takes 2 to Tango ...

May 30,2020 ~ Creating jewelries had been fun over the years and I had amassed so much of them . Now I had realized so much of them had been hidden out of sight inside trays and drawers. I had sorted  and organized  most of my drawers , boxes and cabinets  over the last  2 months after the start of the quarantine and that's how I discovered most of my creations I had already forgotten. Alot of them were in sets of bracelets  w/ earrings & Necklaces w/ earrings.

Most of them were mostly 1 set per design so buyers  are well assured that   what they will get is the only design piece with no duplicate at all. 

Here are a few of these items also listed and available for sale 
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