Tuesday, December 01, 2020

1st, December 2020 - The Struggle Is Real

Dec. 1, 2020 ~ I am kind of tired after my 1st online sale on Facebook followed by half an hour of exposure on Instagram to try my luck but both venues had been so very quiet.

 I guess the impact of the pandemic had hit everyone that hard  unabling majority of people to spend any cent on jewelry shopping. Oh well, this scenrio made me so dissappointed and sad but I am still hopeful to rack up some sales these coming days. Fingers crossed .

Over the last couple of months I had been sick, I got Gastritis, then Major operation for the removal of my Gall bladder in early November but I had now recovered despite of the pain and all. Lucky me and I am thankful to myself for being strong in handling all the physical , emotional , mental and environmental stress brought by people near and far. lucky for me to have my 2 loving therapeutic dogs by myside ( Koda & Gabby) and not to forget my favorite birds " Heart Tail " and her partner who visited me everyday coz I spoil them with food ... ssshhhhhh😅😆😄.. don't tell anybody LOL! 

These 2 loyal companions of mine never fail to brighten up my gloomy days. 
I love my doggies to the moon and back...

My beadroom aa& Bedroom on the other hand are my constant sources of peace when I needed to be quiet and just on my own. My stones , my crystals scattered alll around, my beads and the rest of my hoarded art stuffs kept me busy and away from distractions surrounding me. 

They maybe causing me a fortune but they gave me heaps of happiness and tranquility. 
For me they are priceless for being one of my major sources of energy and healing. 

Life is a struggle these days but I had found my own world where I don't need to ask for anything else. 
How about you , did you manage to find your happy place too ?