Friday, December 11, 2020

Where My Heart Is ...

Dec 11, 2020 ~  It had been a mix of sunny and rainy weather the last few days in Singapore . Happy I was finally able to bathe my doggies and dty them unnder the sun as they lay on the garden grass. Nice to see them both frolicking in the sun and smelling good as well. Spoiled doggos . Lol !

The garden  I would say is looking better and more green these days  after the rain visits every now and then. Glad I had less work to do at home by not watering the grass every day. What I miss is the fact that lesser birds since the big tree by the pool had been removed  coz it had grown way too high and over the maximum height for in a residential area. . Now the hundreds  and flocks of birds coming nestng in that tree had permanently dissappeared. Such a Sad story ...

I am an animal lover . I love to see the garden being visited by different species of animals. Different types of birds had wandered around the house and I had interacted with  some regular birds behind the lkitchen everyday for the last 1 -1/2 year.  The experuence was awesome to be surrounded by these  wild creatures.

My 2 donesticated  dogs .. Gabby & Baby Koda chase the animals away everyday but my presence keep them coming back. Talkin about the power of food...  lol !

The garden is always full of life because of the animals  and I am happy to see them all the time. Even from my beadroom  window I can see the birds flying around while the dogs go nuts trying to catch any of them. Goodluck doggies... birds were too smart for you weren't they ? 😅🤣😂

Being inspired is a way to keep me beading. Being creative us a a by product if a gappy contented lufe too.  Seeing the animals in action all around me makes me  feel happy and just right there with them is where my heart is ...