Saturday, November 14, 2009


Busy, busy, busy is what I would say for the month of November. I Had just finished the Asian Civilization event last week and it was such a huge success ! Being in the event was Indeed a wonderful experience ...

Kids and adults were lining up for the necklace workshop ...

 Age doesn't matter at all since I have even kids as young as 4 years old and even boys too who were very eager and interested to make a necklace of their own !

Bonding between parents and their children

and between siblings was a great sight that day too !

A girl wearing the pearl necklace she had created !
Good job girl !

 I had sold some pieces to the museum visitors as well .
People were amazed by the handcraftship and designs invested in every piece of jewelry in the displays.

Ms. Jenny Astbury wearing a pair of  dangling Semi-Precious stone earrings ...

Ms. Jovy Gillet was wearing the long Multi Color Pearl Necklace while Ms. Bheng Javier - President of FEWS ( Filipino Expat Wives Singapore ) wore the crystal pair of earrings bought from the display.

 I even had an on the spot interview with celebrity host Ms. Pamela Wildheart before my necklace making Demo on the 2nd day of the event ... Gee, I feel like a celebrity too ha-ha !

 I was so thankful to all the assistance, support given by the organizers ( Mr Zachary and his staffs especially ) who allowed me to put my jewelries on display for FREE for 2 straight days !

To all New friends and existing friends of course who came over and visited my stall.

Thank you, thank you and more thank you guys !