Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bundles Of Joys ... and Of Tears ! Part 1

I had been so occupied of packing & travelling this month of December. ~ Philippines, Singapore then back to Perth for the Christmas holidays. I was so energetic & excited when I left Perth on the 11th of Dec with my 2 kids via Singapore airlines . Filled with much enthusiam that I'll be seeing my family , my cute grandson and my new house back in my hometown in Laguna, Philippines. Doing a very quick Shopping in the bustling streets of  Quiapo, Manila the 1st 2 days I was there.

Of course I will always have the time to buy my beads which I consider as my major consolation , plus essential gifts , clothing / shoes  for the wedding event and food essentials to bring back home to my province.  My short visit to Philippines was due to my daughter's wedding on the 18th of Dec.

I had sponsored and personally made all the jewelries worn by the bridesmaids,

flower girls and of course the elegant set worn by my daughter who is the bride.

It was exhausting to travel in Manila. Beating the Traffic jams and the stress when you see just about anything crossing the road coming from the middle of nowhere. Not a place for the chicken hearted!  Being a driver in Philippines is a no joke job for someone who value their life. Anyway, I'm happy I'm not the driver coz I had rented a van to pick us up. That way, I can just sit back and play with my family and my cute chubby grandson while we travel the combusted streets of Manila all the way to the province .

My little house back in Lynville Subdivision was filled with mess when I arrived. Hardly any space left in the living room coz the sofa bed was there where my grandson plays and sleeps during the time they're there.  Fine with me as long as he's happy as ever and feelin comfortable.

Sealtiel is such a happy child ...

I'm happy to see he loves the toy I bought for him ...

His smile can cure all the heartaches I had inside me ...

My daughter and her son are in my house almost all the time rather than being in Luisiana, Laguna where her husband was from originally. I don't mind the mess but the house being so dirty and full of spiders, bugs and mosquitoes was something else. I was always clearing up all these whenever I come home. So actually, I don't really come for vacation. But as pest exterminator to be exact ! God knows just how much I had killed from those crawling flying, buzzing insects during my few days stay !

Let's forget about the cleaning for the moment and go back to what had gone around me during my stay  in Laguna. Commotion outside my house and people are banging on my grilled gate while my son Tristan 11y/o was crying in a corner. What had happened ? My son had bumped a young kid while biking on the road near the playground. The 8y/o boy was bleeding and was rushed by the father to the nearest clinic. OMG ! I went out quickly to check where the boy lives and so that I can ask someone to take me to him. I told Tristan to stop crying coz it was an accident and glad to see he didn't have any bruises or scratches from the fall. I'll have to go to check and help the kid in the clinic and check how he was. The father came back from the clinic and met me. he took me where his son was. The poor boy was given a first aid but didn't receive any further treatment in the private clinic coz he needed to be sent for a Medico legal at the provincial hospital since his case was an accident. I asked the nurse if the bleeding of his head had stopped. It's important to make sure he doesn't run out of blood! He flipped the bandage and checked the cut if it was still bleeding.  I saw the cut on the side of his head.. Man ...  it was nasty! Lucky the bleeding had stopped so off we go to the provincial hospital in a rush.

 The father and I both flipped our heads in shock. We hurriedly transferred the boy to the provincial hospital. We were there for almost 2 hours before the poor boy finally had his stitches on his cut .He was a very brave , strong boy.

I was amazed that he diidn't even reacted to pain. No resistance to the treatment and absolutely no fear at all. I was finally relieved when he was treated totally . His head X-ray results being ok and no fractures at all is also a big relief for me. But still, this incident really shook the hell out of me . I was so nervous for my son Triatan as well coz he never had any experience of seeing someone bleeding heavily on the streets. But it was an accident ... kids play. Kids run on the streets ... just can't avoid mishaps sometimes. I'm just glad the boy went home afterwards and I got him all the medicines he needed. I really hope that he gets better soon . I adviced him not to run on the streets anymore and ask someone to guide them when going to the playground. He was lucky it was just a bike who got him, what if it was a car ? I can imagine what happens next !

So that's quite a tragedy I had to take care off. I didn't mind spending a few thousands of pesos for sending the boy to the hospital. I have the responsibility to make sure, he's treated well. I just hope all goes well for him afterwards. I really pray for his quick recovery !

Unfortunately, bad luck never eneded just there. Tragedies just came pouring while I was in my hometown. This time, it was even during my daughter's wedding day! Oh no! Let me rest 1st and take a quick gasp of air before I continue ... this is the life I have ... I just don't know why I was chosen to carry all the burden.

 There must be a Reason For it ...