Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Panglao, Bohol Tour - Part 2
It's More Fun In The Philippines !!!

January 9, 2019 ~ Today is my daughter's 32nd birthday. Happy Birthday  to you Lorenine Barbie and wishing you more happy years to come. Sorry you were not inluded in this island tour this time but your chance wiuld come soon I promise . Maybe yours would be even better than your brother's. Just wait & see.


 Anyways, I got ready early this morning coz I had planned to go , see and visit the Tarsier Sanctuary and several other places like the Snake & Butterfly park in Carmen, Bohol. But, I started the morning with some selfies outside my room by the terrace while it was sunny. My chance to pose a bit in solo and with Meier & Naida too ... why not.

A Big thank you to Astoria Bohol staffs for the beaded long necklaces ( I was wearing in this photo ) they had given me upon our check in to their hotel. 

Then off we went to our day tour. We passed the Man made Forest and took pictures as we cruise along. Man Made forest got a nice view for picture taking as well. A bit of photoshoot then off to the Tarsier Sanctuary ...

There were only few Tarsiers in the sanctuary so we were quite dissappointed. The time of the day where all of them were asleep too . So we just had a quick look and snap shots at them, bought a few souvenir items at their shop to support them and quickly proceeded to move on to the next destination in our trip. 

We proceeded to the famous "Chocolate Hills " to make sure the 2 lovebirds with me get a nice souvenir photo of them together.

The hills were all green this time of the year so no chocolate looking hills to see this time.

 Then we went to the "Loboc River Cruise" for our buffet lunch as we view the river from the boat. A very refreshing and interesting ride of the day with good sceneries along the bank of the river.

I like the colorful table cover during our buffet lunch. Very eye catching !

The sight of the village dogs enjoying the cool river water on a hot sunny day was priceless ...

The sight of green water and trees is so soothing to my eyes ... very calming and cool.

Oh... almost forgot to mention that before heading to our sumptous lunch, we first went to pass by the Double bamboo bridge. Again, a bit of picture taking happened while we were here.

We later headed on to the snake & butterfly place where we took some daring, hair raising photos with the huge pythons and Albino snakes. I love snake skin shoes and bags but a real snake ? Omg .... and not just 1 ... lots of them were in this place ... yaiiiiiyyyyy!

Hey Snake... pls don't turn around and keep on sleeping, ok ? 
yaikkkssss... slippery and cold scales . Gave me the creep !
These Albino Phytons were measuring 5 to 7 meters long ! 

It was really one very busy day but well spent all over the place. Everyone was tired but happy at the end of the day. Tomorrow will be another busy day touring the some parts of the island again ... excitement to the max just thinking about it.

It was really more fun in the Philippines  !