Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Happy Birthday to .... ME !!! Part 2

Happy Birthday Again ...
Dinner@Wine Connection 

January 21, 2019 ~ Singapore was one very busy place. Especially for merry making ... lavish parties.  My lady friends were all over the place and decided to treat me for dinner for my birthday month. Ok , why not ... go go go ! Happy to see them after my Philippine trip. Now I am back to party again... LOL!

Hmmm, How do you like my long dress here ?

ahhh, finally, my hair is looking good again !

I had to go and pass by a friend's store to pick her up and take her with me to the venue for dinner. 
Wine Connection in River Valley is always packed due to their reasonable prices and good food selections and vast variety of quality wines at super low prices. 

 Omg ... Food, food, and more food !

Glad to see all the ladies happy and comfortable. Thanks so much again for your generosity and your warm company. 

Cheers !!!