Monday, January 07, 2019

2019 Panglao, Bohol Tour - ( Part 1 )

~ Panglao , Bohol  Tour - Part 1 ~
Beauty Of The Philippines !!!

January 7, 2019 ~ I was so happy I was able to come home and be in my motherland after the Christmas and New Year Celebrations .I really needed some time to get out of Singapore . I was so excited to see the other half of my family back here in the Philippines. I was very excited to travel around the islands again with my son and his girlfriend in tow. Destination this time was in Panglao in Bohol ! My 2nd time to come over to Bohol since my first tour here in Year 2013.Wow, 6 years  seemed to had passed so quickly.

One of my favorite shell specimen on display  in the shop... unfortunately, this one is not for sale.
It's for DISPLAY ONLY ! Sighhhhhhhh
I visited the Shell Shop for some souvenir items and gone to the Bee Farm for some wonderful Sea views and sumptous lunch with my son and his gf. The beautiful deep blue sea infront of us during our lunch never failed to mesmerize me like as usual. I felt contented and lucky.  Everytime I am by the sea or the beach I felt so blessed. For me , it is the most calming solution to my tired self and busy mind. Seemed like as if everything I had worried about had disappeared in an instant as soon as I saw the clear blue water and problems gone with the wind that was gently blowing unto my skin.

At last I was able to wear my Shell necklace I had bought in Bali before.
They were perfect for the beach photo shoot !
The Sea was so Blue ! 

Life was so good with loved ones ... this was my son's first time to come to Bohol with me.

Imagine the life so free and away from the hectic and stressful schedules in the city.

These Big Shells on display were now rare that viewers like me needed to be extra careful in handling them. I don't wanna break any of them of course.

The Bee Farm didn't only house the bees in there. They also have people who created beautiful handicrafts from weaving bags, mats, and lovely furnitures in a certain part . I felt so proud being a filipino everytime I see and encounter people like them. They inspired me a lot . Artistic, creative and patiently trying their best to support their families as well as themselves.

These bags and baskets were so beautifully done !

We really did enjoy our trip to the Shell Shop and Bee farm and there were even more nice beautiful places around here aside from our nice comfortable hotel. The Astoria Bohol. 

Time for some major tanning ...

More exciting places and adventures to post soon in my Panglao Bohol Tour , Part 2 ... so be sure to come back again soon ...