Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Back To Normal !

I was sitting infront of my beading table last week while at the same time I was wondering why it took me so long to be back to beading again. I had been away from my favorite place for a few months and I guess some works had piled up .  Opppsssss !

I was just back from my 1 month holidays and I was still taking things in a slow pace . Ugghhhhhh !
But my hands won't stop me from doing things specially knowing I had not created any jewelry over the last 2-3 months. Makes me sad to see my piles of beads untouched for a long period of time.

I grabbed my pliers and sat on my revolving chair with my brains also rolling from side to side while staring at my boxes of beads. Ok ... I found some lampwork beads I had not seen for a while and they gave me an idea to wire wrap for some bracelets and earrings. I was thinking of the month of August as a theme to start with. Peridot is the green stone associated with this month's birthstone and also reffered to as the "Evening Emerald ". So I made a charm bracelet paired with matching set of dangle earrings with Peridot color Glass beads.

I made 2 sets of the same design but with 2 color combinations of Peridot Glass beads for more options.

But of course, I didn't just stick to the August Peridot color although some of my latest creations still have a touch of green color somewhere. I had also ventured into some other  pallete of colors to give my other beads the chance to be brought out into the open for some eye popping ideas. See what I mean ?

Oh well, I ended up getting my nail polish ruined and chipped off during my wire wrapping but it's ok. I am happy to see the end results anyway. So I had a day of rest after my fingers were aching from too much wiring , ouch, ouch , ouch !

But then, an unscheduled trip to the magazine shop the other day jump started my desire to work harder on my beads again after seeing my favorite Beading magazines in the rack.. I was happy to find and buy the June 2012 edition of "Bead & Button"  & latest  copies of Australia's Favorite " Creative Beading " magazine that moment. I was so excited to look inside the pages that I sat down in a cafe opposite the magazine shop to browse immediately while I was waiting for my kidss to get off from school. My Latte had cooled down due to the fact I had been so engrossed looking at the new designs and color themes in each and every page that I had forgotten about my coffee ha-ha .
 Wow... so beautiful and spectacular pieces !
 I do admire them all .

I just couldn't wait to reach home as soon as possible and open my drawers for the beads I would need to start creating something. Ahhhh I have to wait till night time so everyone is asleep and all my housechores are done before i could get my hands on my beads. Oh dear !

I found a nice earring design inside " Bead & Button " and I eagerly tried making it myself since i got all the materials available  in my piles of beads. Woohoo what a relief and yes it didn't require any more sophisticated wiring but more on needle work techniques instead. LOL! .

The Crystal Cap design of Amy Johnson rocks like a diva ! I had replaced some materials into colors I rather prefer. Also I had substituted the Silver findings into vermeil ones to match the color of my beads.
Here's what came out ... Voila !

Aren't they gorgeous ?

I'll be making more jewelries this week so please come back again soon and many many thanks for visiting my blog.

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August Birth Flower