Friday, August 31, 2012

August comes to an end ...

Oh well, here I go again . Almost to the end of the month and just thinking backwards to the things I had done previously over the last 4 weeks then moving forward to the next date & time.

Hmmmm, where do I start ?  I guess to the time I had my new creations  being designed  and having each and every item labelled , priced accordingly and uploaded to their specific albums. I still got a few pieces unfinished , oh dear ! . But naahhhh... it won't be such a big problem coz I still got almost a little bit over 1- 1/2 months before I have the items put on display and for sale at the "The Subiaco Craft and Community Fair" scheduled for October 28 , 2012. So fingers crossed that I'll have all my latest designs finished , ready &  included in my Jewelry Booth #162 located just right by the1st  main entrance of the said event along Hackett Drive.

The major thing I do remember is that the designs with seed beads had taken most of my time but I am happy with every outcome morphed out of every bits and pieces. I must say  that i do complement myself for being such a very patient crafter although I'm quite a bit meticulous ... LOL!
#GBN103= Sea Princess AUD$140
Each and every piece created is absolutely one of a kind and I don't duplicate any of them anymore. So hard to do it all over again ... oh no .. not again ha ha !  I generally prefer for each piece to look more unique and original together with the very person going to wear it. I want the wearer to feel even more special just knowing she owns that certain piece , she's the proud wearer of it and no one else got  exactly the same thing.
#GBN102= Esmeralda AUD$75
Esmeralda Earrings $45
#CCUFF38= Sparkling Peridot  AUD$50
The month of August has come to a stop but my beading never ends .... my fingers are forever aching to get hold of those beads... oh yes. They are so lovely beads . Saying no to them I'm sure is something and I would never will !