Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hello February ... Anything New ?

February 1,2012 ~  I am trying to gather ideas to write about today. I even went to the beach in Scarborough about 15 mins drive from my kid's school to get some inspirations.  I was surprised when I reached the said place coz there's hardly anyone there today. I was thinking maybe I was a bit too early at 8:45 am. But , I was also suspecting due to the news I got yesterday that there was a tiger shark sighting and someone had drowned in the Brighton Beach area yesterday.
What a sad news tsk tsk !

Whatever the reason was, the beach was too quiet & empty without the surfers and usual swimmers. I just sat there with my coffee and an oats / honey cereal bar while the birds watched me from afar. I started to remember an occassion when there was this sneaky bird watching me while I went sunbathing on the same beach one day. The bird seemed to look so sneaky so I had kept an eye on it.
You never know what this little bird is capable of doing, it might bit my foot or do something unusual LOL!

One thing I enjoyed the most here in Perth is the nice fine sandy beaches.

The beaches are clean and well maintained with rangers patrolling all the time to make sure all is well & secured for the general public. Isn't that wonderful ?

Never mind if there are no trees that can provide some shades when it's burning hot coz I love being in the sun with my zero protection tanning oil everytime I lay on the sand. I guess I'm the only one putting that on the skin here ... almost everyone here spreads sunblock on their faces and arms and cover up to avoid skin cancer. Not me !

It's truly very hot nowadays in Perth.  On the 28th of January, it was extremely hot at a record breaking 42 degrees ! The hottest day ever recorded in 50 years ! The following days were from 36-38 degrees. I didn't notice it was that hot outside coz I'd been staying inside the house during those days suffering from my aching upper left back muscles while at the same time enjoying the coolness of our airconditioning at 21.5 degrees and trying to be in n out of my beadroom to clear my mess scattered all over my beading table. A good way to beat the heat outside ha-ha .

The only downside about the heat was our garden surrounding the house. The grass and shrubs are dead ... really really dead ! the water we put is not enought to combat the dryness and extreme heat during the day. Poor plants ! Even the big trees at the backside garden were shredding so much dry leaves everywhere. Such debris were such a huge mess but I'm not ready to sweep all of it. I had tried before and I ended up sweeping the whole damn yard for 3 continous days. So, never again ... period !

I'm just happy to concentrate and do my jewelries again. Especially now that my left burned hand had healed completely.

 I had so much beading to do again but with so little time as I have chores that needs to be done most of all. Take kids to school ... either go supermarket after or choose to come home fast and clear the mess at home, then cook lunch to take to kids at school coz they prefer the food I cook than the ones being offered in the school menu.Then come home again to eat my lunch and continue cleaning again , clearing the dishwasher or washing machine or the dryer or whatever needs to be put away in  cabinets. Everyday is always a busy life for me but I can still have time to do things for myself that I love to do. Beading which is my main therapy for happiness usually happens at night when everyone is fast asleep except for me. I'm a night owl and I would always be like this probably the rest of my life or perhaps until my bead room run out of materials which is impossible to happen ha-ha-ha !