Friday, February 24, 2012

A Baby of Mine ...

 Yesterday was Feb 23 , 2012 ,  was my 14th Wedding Anniversary. I was pre-occupied by cleaning all over the house coz the pest control guy is coming over during the day. When suddenly, I got distracted from my house chores by the sudden ringing of my mobile phone in my bag. I hurriedly grabbed it from inside the bag .Quickly enough so not to have a missed call . I saw the caller was not from Perth WA. It was Bee Lin , my Singaporean lady friend who had adopted my 2 Shar pei dogs in August 2010 when I left Singapore to live in Perth . She had called from Singapore.

She sounded a bit sad with a very low voice which is not quite like her. I knew immediately she's bothered by something .That very moment I noticed her way of speaking, I got a bit uneasy and nervous . I was thinking ... something had happened to the dogs . Oh God no ... I hope not.

I used to have 2 dogs in Singapore. The 1st dog who enlightened my weary days was ZUMA.

Zuma is a female chocolate brown Mini-Shar pei which was bought in a pet shop in Singapore followed by the addition of a second 1 after 6 months who happened to be Cortez. The black color male Sharpei from Perth WA which hubby had bought online to keep Zuma some company.

God knows how much I miss both of them. Especially Zuma who had been my constant companion in my bedroom day & night. She was a good cure for my deppression and loneliness during those years my marriage was going down the drain.

She grew up thinking I was her mom I guess coz I had cuddled her twice in her sleep on my belly by the sofa for  the 1st 2 nights she came to our house when she was about 3 months old. I couldn't bear to hear her crying downstairs in her cage by the living room during the wee hrs of the night so  I would come down to remove her from the cage and wrap her with a tea towel, put her on my tummy and put her to sleep like a baby.She snores LOL!
 She slept nicely after that without anymore complains during the night!

 She would stay under my chair and wait till I go to bed before she goes back to sleep in her mat by the kitchen with Cortez. She was always hanging around in my beadroon and always there for me. She follows me everywhere I go in the house . I would even have no problem taking her out for a pee unlike my kids , hubby and helper who alwys have a hard time with her. They would need to bribe her with something to be able to get her out of the door with them.

Cortez on the other hand is one easy going male dog who loves going under the bushes and gets his nose brushed by the leaves & branches . He was 5 months old when he first came to Singapore from Perth. We picked him up from the airport when he first arrived in Changi airport in Singapore. He was so scared to come out of his cage that night that we gave him enough time to be at ease the moment he arrived in our place. He is one real funny character who just wouldn't care much and goes on his own until he finally realizes he's far away and lost LOL!

Anyways, back to my friend Bee Lin's call , she informed me that Zuma is not well. My heart sank immediately. She said Zuma would be staying in the clinic for a few days with a drip and sedated for 2-3 days until all her tests are done. The vet had found a growth inside her nose that no one had ever discovered and her kidneys are collapsing. She had been showing signs of poor health over the last few months which bothered Bee Lin over the last few months. I even saw and visited them in Singapore in December before going on holiday to Philippines and it's true she wasn't well coz she had lost a lot of weight. Although she was eating normally , her body weight had gone down dramatically for unknown reasons.

My daughter Tacha was trying to check if they had not forgotten the sitting and stay commands they were trained to do when they were with us . They still listen ... good smart dogs !

While on the other hand, as far as Cortez is concerned .. he's doing fine and very playful especially with Bee Lin's kids . Good thing about these dogs are they love kids and would surely die to protect them against anything!

Oh well ... I really seriously hope Zuma would pull thru all the pain at the moment and be able to recover fast . I feel so bad I'm not there to offer her any comfort. Her being in the hospital I'm sure makes Cortez feel insecured and scared back home too. He always go nuts when he doesn't see Zuma beside him. They were never separated ever since they got together. That's why I was so happy to have found a good friend ( Bee Lin ) who took both of them in her home.

Please get Well Soon ...
My dear Baby