Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I have a nice Original Special Edition Skagen watch studded with Crystal Clear and Light Rose Color Crystals matched with Pink leather strap given by dear husband 3 years ago.
Its Rectangular shiny stainless steel case is connected by genuine Pink leather embossed straps in this fashionable timepiece. The dial is white Mother-of-Pearl with indicators and the sides encrusted with CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements.
I haven't used it for almost 1 1/2 years now coz I don't really like leather straps for a watch . I always prefer those with metal bracelets either in Silver or Gold color. Also, he had given me another Skagen watch lately matching his watch and made with stainless steel strap which I prefer more . Thus, I wear the 2nd Skagen watch almost everyday.

I was actually looking for a silver bracelet to clean but I found my Pink SKAGEN watch instead and saw the damage on the strap. The Leather of the said strap is still good underneath but the upper lining was already peeling off , See ?

So I decided to remove the strap and replace it . Problem is, the strap needs to be ordered only from Skagen coz it's not the normal straps you can buy from watch shops. It was connected to the dial with 4 very tiny screws . So it was a special design and a trademark of Skagen watches. Oh dear, I had already cut the straps with scissors and there's no such way I can put it back . So, I need to think of how to replace the famous strap myself. My brains started tilting from side to side ... Few seconds after, comes a marvelous idea. A Strap with beads , Why not ? I'd never done it before in any kind of watch , be it mine or not. So this is going to be a good challenge for me today.
Immediately I took my boxes of Swarovski Crystals , TOHO seed beads , 925 Sterling Silver Findings and designed a solution to the watch strap which is now into pieces right infront of me . I decided to use Swarovski Bicone Crystals same color as the ones embedded on the dial for a perfect match and added some Toho Japanese Seed Beeds , Miyuki Delica Seed beads & 4 pcs of 925 SS Closed Jumprings that will securely attach the straps to the Dial and the tiny screws.
Patiently, I was beading the whole afternoon coz I'm very excited to see the final result of this project .

( 1 )
Watch Dial after the strap was removed

( 2 )
Preparing all the Materials To be used

( 3 )
Putting the Design on 1st side of the Watch Dial

( 4 )
Now doing the other half of the strap

Now in the Finishing touches where I surrounded the flower designs with Peyote & Herringbone stitches to make the strap more stiff / firm and making sure the size would be exactly the same width & lenght like the previous strap.

I was able to finally finish the whole strap ( after it took me at least 4 hours ) just by dinner time . Well, What can you say about this now ?

I'm very happy I can now wear it again but of course with much more added Bling !