Friday, August 07, 2009

91.3 Radio Station Tour

Have you ever visited any Radio Station in your area ?

Yesterday , Thursday 6th of August was a big exciting day for my 2 kids Tacha / Tristan & a friend Julia ( Tacha's Schoolmate ). Why ? we were invited by a nice happy and kind person we met in the Ladies of Harley BBQ event at East Coast park a few months ago. This person happened to be Mr. Rod Monteiro , one of our favorite DJs from 91.3 FM here in Singapore. He and with the help of his colleagues ( Mohd Aidil & Adam ) gave us the chance to visit and make a tour of the famous Radio Station in Singapore -

It was Located in 1000 Toa payoh North which was surrounded by HDB . We arrived before our time of appointment but the friendly Adam looked after us with a smile and brought us all the way up to their canteen to wait for Mr. Rod Monteiro .

Rod came shortly after with a big smile on his face and took us to their studio. He gave us a brief summary of their organzation from their highest boss , technical staffs, Djs and so much more. We personally met Jamie who was actually recording his voice for some cartoon stuffs & DJ "JJ" who was so kind to accommodate us and even joined our picture taking !

DJ "JJ" and us in his studio ! Cool !

DJ "JJ" on Air so we were quiet in one corner !

DJ Rod showing us the line of songs and music going ro play soon ... awesome !

DJ Rod Monteiro with us !

Geee ... kids & I were so happy indeed ! What a great experience to see how they manage their music & voice comments while on air and facing at least 4 computers infront of them . All these at the same time .. Wow really spectacular !

Rod even led us to their Technical room where all their main power equipments were located. So surprised that only 1 person manning the technical room takes care of all the trouble if something happens . With all the wires and stuffs I'd seen there , it must have been a very hard job.

One thing I really gained from the Radio Station tour is the fact that we had personally met the real people behind the voices we hear everyday in our car ( you're right, our car radio is set to 91.3 FM every single moment ! No kidding ! ) When hubby tries other stations, kids and I start screaming " 91.3 please !" With 3 against 1 , of course hubby puts 91.3 back on ...

Meeting these people and hearing them talk infront of me and the children gave all of us a great feeling. We're very grateful for the opportunity they had given us to meet them face to face . Thanks so much again guys and more power to you !

By the way, they also have these marvelous freebies up for grabs everytime . So guys , tune in to the best music of the best radio station in town now for more fun and surprises !

91.3 FM Radio Station

The One that really ROCKS !!!