Friday, August 07, 2009

Sea Of Litter ...

I'm not surprised that this can happen in the Philippines ! After all , we used to have the so called Smokey Mountain before. So this so called sea of litter is not impossible to occur at all ...

It is a shame and this situation must remind each & every Filipino that What we give is what we get !

This is an ultimate warning really . An awakening that even Mother Nature comes back to us in a rage to give us a taste of our own medicine !

Roxas Boulevard turns into 'a sea of litter' - Friday, August 7

Roxas Boulevard turns into 'a sea of litter'
MANILA, Philippines - Due to heavy rains and strong winds brought by typhoon “Kiko,” Roxas Boulevard turned into “a sea of litter,” a Manila City government official said yesterday.
City public services department chief Carlos Baltazar said wind, rain and high tide combined to cause the waters of Manila Bay to rise beyond the seawall and deposit garbage onto the sidewalk and the road itself.

“The stretch of Roxas Boulevard, particularly that of from Padre Faura to the United States embassy, virtually became a sea of litter, making it nearly impassable for motorists,” Baltazar said.

He said Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim ordered him to mobilize a team to clear the area of trash. According to Baltazar, the mounds of garbage were too much for the sweepers to handle and he had to utilize a payloader to clear the streets.
Baltazar said discarded slippers comprised a significant portion of the collected garbage, which mostly came from Cavite and Parañaque.
Meanwhile, traffic slowed to crawl from the Manila City Hall up to the Welcome Rotonda yesterday as the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) laid hot asphalt in the Lagusnilad passage.

DPWH workers and equipment occupied almost the entire span of the Lagusnilad, leaving only one lane for vehicles to pass through. Commuters complained that a trip from España Boulevard to the Manila City Hall took at least an hour.
They questioned why the DPWH did asphalting work in broad daylight during a heavy downpour, when it can be done at night.

But come on, let's face the fact and not put blames on other people's shoulders for what had happened. In reality, only thing each and everyone need to have is self discipline . That's all ... period !