Friday, August 14, 2009




I had been trying this design several times last year but gave up on it a lot of times too since I can't really read the instruction on the book ( published in Taiwan ) which was in either Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean or Japanese ( whichever it was I was surely doomed ! ) so I was particularly just following the directions on the drawing . Alas , following the drawing was still not good enough to be able to create the design. Oh well, after all these failed attempts the last few months, I decided to try the design again one more time this week and told myself , I'll beat it this time ... after several trials & errors, I had created the piece finally ! Oh ... I was so happy that I made a second piece immediately the same night ! Following day, I made 2 more of this bangle design in different color combinations available now for sale in my ebay store !


#CRBR73 =CRYSTAL BANGLES ( Indian Sapphire )

#CRBR73 =CRYSTAL BANGLES (Pink Champagne )

The design was a bit complicated during the start of the 1st 3 rows but goes easy after a while and a lot of deep thinking to keep me from confusions when connecting the 2 ends together. I'm not so sure what to call the kind of stitching used in this design but basing on the outcome of the bangle I guess it was a Spiral Stitch .The combined beads go on a spiral style once you keep progressing with the beading. It doesn't really require any clasp at the end but it's all up to the beader to add so if preferred . I did mine without the clasp just like in the Beading book . This design takes about 1 hr 15mins to finish and can be created in a variety of color combinations.


Materials Used :

4mm Swarovski 5301 Bicone Crystal Beads ( 72-80 pcs)
size 11 Seed Beads ( 5 gms )
4mm Glass Pearls ( 72 - 80 pcs )
Fireline ( 6 pounds test )
Beading Needle

An excellent project requiring only 3 kinds of beads in particular ! Try it !