Friday, April 10, 2015

Pursue Your Passion... Live Your Dream !

Take your hobby to a new level by exploring more ways on how to sell your handmade crafts. As an expatriate full time mom, I happened to realize that my beading passion is not just a way of getting my woes at bay. Living overseas away from relatives and friends I used to have , having a hobby handy inorder to achieve positive energies was my biggest discovery in life. Beading took me out of my depression and healed the loneliness I had felt over the years.

As a fulltime mom, I solely cared for my 2 small children several years ago. Being at home didn't stop me to pursue my hobby of creating jewelries in my free time . Beading was and even until now very therapeutic to my constantly troubled mind. As a self taught artist , creation of my jewelries done with great patience and self confidence yielded a good source of income and dragged me out of my hiding shell . I had built my self confidence to the extent that I started teaching people how to do the craft . In so doing, I also gained more knowledge from people I had met and  further exposed my designs to a broader audience .

I didn't realize at first that by wearing my beaded creations in company & welcome parties here in Singapore , such would be the start of my product display to a small community of people . Unknown clients immediately noticed my creations that they convinced me to make more so they could buy from me. I had given the idea no second  thoughts thinking I can create and sell at my own pace and time with a small start up capital . In fact,  I have nothing to loose. Given the time and patience to create in between house chores and babysitting. So I gave it a go despite of all the odds.

 My new found friends started to grow in number due to word of mouth regarding my designs spreading like wildfire . They offered to host parties in their homes where I can sell my stuffs during the day while my kids are in nursery school. It was a small venture I had stepped into - selling my stuffs which eventually led me to selling them in fairs, bazaars and later online thru ebay at

 In 2003 a year after I started selling my creations in Singapore, I expanded  online by getting a domain and created my own website ~ WWW.MY-SECRET-CORNER.COM . A Facebook page where I link the blogs about my work , projects I did , design competitions I had won and up coming charity events involving the sale of my own designed handmade beaded jewelries.

Looking back to my once simple house bound full time mom life , I 'm now far more than happy to see for myself what I had become .. I was able to create a name for myself and my work . Not only here in Singapore but internationally as well.

 My final words I share to all of you ...

Never be afraid to pursue your passion ...
through thick and thin ...
 it would be your stepping stone ,
to the point where you can live your dream !

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