Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ooopppss... I did it again !

April 1st 2015 ~  Waking up in the morning with a brand new day but not knowing what's there waiting for you as time passes by makes me wonder sometimes and wish as well that I may please be given the chance to have something better than yesterday.

Today is the 1st of April and April Fools day. Oh no ..... time to do pranks on unsuspecting people again. Please spare me LOL!  But today I knew in advance what's waiting for me. A Box from Fedex containing my entry to the Swarovski 2014 Contest hosted by Fire Mountain Gems. I had received several emails from them regarding my entry being returned about a week ago but they never mentioned anything else about the contest , neither the outcome or winners. So I have no idea if I had made it to the list of winners or just ended up as a finalist which is for me already a great honor knowing the so many beautiful intricate designs submitted from all over the world. This is my 2nd entry for 2014 for an international / overseas contest. After winning a bronze medal last year for my " The Red Angel " entry on the Seed Beads 2014 contest, I got more inspired to compete which I never did before after so many years of beading and creating my own designs.

The Red Angel 
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Jewelry-Making Contest 2014 featuring Seed Beads 
Bronze Medal Prize Winner 
Category: Bracelet

The Red Angel design above took the Bronze medal for the Bracelet category .
I was so happy !

Now, here I go again with my 2nd entry below I had named " Down The Aisle " that luckily made it to the finals again . I wouldn't know I had won if not for the Gift voucher and the Certificate included in the delivered Fedex Box.

OMG ... I won again ! I just couldn't believe my fate ! I was so excited and rejoicing with my sister who was visiting in Singapore as I browsed the contents of the Fedex box .

 It's true .. it's not a prank .. I really won and again , a Bronze medalist not for just the bracelet alone but for the whole set in the Wedding & Holiday category. Yeeehheeeyyyyyyy ....

~ Down The Aisle ~
Bronze Medalist Winner
Wedding and Holiday Category
Now I have to say not just a million thanks but a billion thanks again to all the Fire Mountain Gems judges and staffs for giving me this honor. I am so overwhelmed and again so inspired to bead and create more .

I'm so proud of myself knowing I got included in the list of talented winners. View the works of the grand winners of this contest here :

2014 Swarovski Crystal Contest
View All Winning Designs

I am  also very grateful and blessed with beautiful friends who can model my jewelries in their events.

Mrs. Zeenat  B. Ho ~ Mrs. Asia - World 2014
wearing my winning " Down The Aisle " Set

I can't believe myself  that  I did it again  to the grand winners !

Thank You , 
Thank You, 
Thank You to all !

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