Wednesday, April 08, 2015

April 8, 2015 ~  It's now been a year since I last touched my paints and canvas . I miss painting but my arm gets stiff after a while and triggers the pain on my back. I just don't wanna force my damn back pain to appear suddenly again coz it's also had been quite a while since I had a major pain and how I am so relieved about it. Since last year, I had lessened the use of my computer as well to give more rest to my hand  all the way to my right arm suffering from the pins and needles from time to time. It's been a year since I had been away from my upper right back , right shoulder, right arm and neck pain and how I wish to stay this way from now on. How it feels so good to be Pain Free !

But, of course getting something sometimes means ... giving away something in return as well. My health is the one at risk everytime I paint coz I always put a lot of tension on my right hand when I concentrate hard as I move the brush. But I love painting as much as beading . For me, it's not just a hobby but a way of life . My hobby is always one of my life's biggest challenge. It always pushes me to do my best. On the other hand, it's my source of inner strenght that helps to entertain me during my downtimes and a kind of amulet keeping me away from stress and other mental problems by transforming my energies into positive things.

An old rusting kettle being given a new look in a painting class I had attended .
 The painting class was conducted by Ms. Orna Shachar in Perth, WA
I had just done the background color  for my project.
I had put some strawberries design on the side of the kettle.

The kettle with its new look after I had painted  it with Acrylic !

Oh well, I better decide what to do with this urge to paint again... I don't want my paints to dry for nothing and kept in the drawers for years. They should be used for what they are for ...

Below is a set of pictures of a painting I had done in Perth, Australia. I was given a picture to paint and being a new painter with no experience in painting at all, it was a big challenge I willingly accepted the challege to push myself more to draw and color. The painting was a success and I was so amazed by my ability to paint from a picture !

I have quite a number of  tubed paints  in stock as well as brushes. I even made sure our move from Perth to Singapore in 2013 was a good opportunity to fill up the boxes not only with my beads but with canvasses and brushes of various sizes as well.

For now, I 'm thinkin of what to paint. I need a theme on my paintings at least and what's going around in my head right now involves a " Masquerade ". I guess I need to push myself again for a bigger challenge. Painting some humans ! I never tried painting a face so far and the only body part I had painted was that of my legs by the beach in Perth .  This was the pic below :

Oh dear ... me painting a face is something new again. But, if I don't do the challenge, I could tell myself that I'm a weakling. and I strongly object on that ! I don't back out on alot of things. I'm so hard headed ... I never give up ...

A mask I had painted last Dec 2014 where  I had glued on some cabochon beads to give it a more striking look !
 So,  now let's see if the " Masquerade " challenge could finally defeat me ....
Do you think I would be able to paint something similar to this ?

Let's wait n see ...let me give it a try first LOL !
Geeezzz.. I would need a lot of warming up on this one .... agghhhhhhhhhh !