Wednesday, July 01, 2009

1st Of July ...
Is there Anything Special For Today ?

Wow, it seems like the month of June had just came to a halt and here comes the beginning of a new month !

July would be a great month ( I hope ! ) for Eauropean summer like in Belgium in particular. Kids are off from school now here in Singapore and that kickstarts the summer holiday. normally, we spend the summer holiday in Belgium. So tonight, we'll be dragging our bags to the airport probably with masks on to avoid the swine flu. Off we would go to visit Grandma & Grandpa, Hubby's friends and see what's the state of our "yellow House" out there.

See why it's called the " Yellow House " ?

But before I leave My-SECRET-Corner Beadroom with a heavy heart like as usual , I would have to close all my auctions on eBay & ioffer first , put vacation response on all my email accounts and put a sign on my online store that I'm temporarily close due to this " Summer Holiday " These are things I have to tackle yearly when I go away for " Summer Holiday". Complains , complains ... truthfully, these are the things I've got to do before I leave .. got no choice !

BTW, I also have to inform some special people that I'm not going to be in town until end of July. Most important is my Mom back in the Philippines. Not forgetting to greet her as well coz today is not just an ordinary day in her life. 1st of July is her special day coz it's her Birthday !

" A very Happy Birthday Mom ! "

I had been thinking about her last night after I had finished making 2 pairs of wired earrings. Suddenly, I came up with this idea of doing a necklace to match her name " EDEN ". Sounds like a good idea ! I had this urge to create something to remember her during her Birthday. So I grabbed some colored Pearls , seed Beads, Wires and Glass Beads and started creating what came out to be this piece of long necklace with wirewrapped pendant in it and I named it after her :