Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Local Crafter Named Raymond

I'd been part of the Fashion Bazaar for 3 days but I feel like I had known the people and other vendors with me for a long time .The way we chat and talked to each other during the day made me feel like I belong to their group . The 2nd table after mine and right beside Angeline's was by another Jewelry Crafter named Raymond. He's a very nice and also very easy to get along with Singaporean Chinese guy who's the eye and hands for creating handmade Beaded jewelries too. We had shared some ideas on how we created our jewelries especially with wiring techniques. Just like me, he'd never been to any beading lessons to learn the craft. It was just pure passion and a hobby.
He would always come to my table to see my displayed items and ask if I'm doing Ok with sales. He had shown me a very attractive bracelet piece he'd just finished . It was generously made with Swarovski Crystals & Pearl Beads accented with Sterling Silver findings . A pity I was not able to ask him if I can take a picture of it to show here in my blog . That piece was an absolute stunner !
He also makes Simple but elegant Pearls & Crystals beaded earrings , as well as Bracelets and Necklaces with great sense of style . He has his own Company called AZORE and manages a Pushcart where he sells most of his own made stuff + other ready made Sterling Silver pieces he had sorted out from other countries inside Vivocity which was according to him was located just beside the Golden Village. I will surely come down one of these days to check it out ...

Once someone was born a natural crafter , the urge to create something artistic cannot be hindered by anyhting ... be it the poor lighting , lack of necessary table & materials nor even a sauna heat like environment with so much sound distractions all around you !

All praises for Raymond for doing a great job and enjoying what he's doing anywhere ... anytime !

Raymond sitting behind the table creating a necklace while his cousin was trying to make a deal with a prospective buyer .

If you have the chance, please visit his place at VIVOCITY !