Sunday, September 28, 2008

FACIALS ... Anyone ?

The Fashion Fair Bazaar was over but the lasting effect of it to all the participants ( local Chinese / Mixed Singaporeans and 1 Filipino who was solely me of course ! ) came with mixed positive and negative sides. Positive in the sense, I met & gained new friends and in a way became part of their community even for a short period of time. I was able to mingle more with the local Singaporeans , be a part of them somehow for the last 3 days during the event ( which I really enjoyed and appreciated a lot despite of the poor sales outcome suffered by most of the vendors brought about by lack of buying power from the public ) and realized how hardworking these people are and how they face and manage the challenges of their chosen careers .
My neighboring table to the right side was managed by Angeline who had admitted to me that she had started selling Facial & Eye Masks beauty products from Taiwan only 4 months ago. Her items with an extensive range of over 40 types of Facial Masks like Q10 Collagen Mask, Ginseng extract Mask & Deep Ocean Mask & also Eye Masks like Hydrating Eye Bag mask , Q10 Elastin Eye Bag Mask just to name a few comes in handy and ready to take anywhere . These products are super affordable , very handy to take anywhere and very easy to use . It will only take about 20-30 mins. to apply the product and you'll feel the difference it makes afterwards ... Guaranteed !

Angeline is a very friendly local Singaporean lady with matching nice and friendly husband too. We always find some time to chat over woes about how the fair was organized the pros & cons of it , the kind of buyers we encounter and exchanging ideas on how to introduce our products more to the buying public together with other vendors . I bought some of her collagen eye bag patches to try when I get home especially for tomorrow Sunday while I take my beauty rest at last !

Wide Range Of Products

Angeline doing a free demo and Product sampling

Available for all Skin Types too !

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