Friday, September 26, 2008

" FASHION FAIR " Bazaar Sept 25-27


Where ? Atrium Dome ( Beside Plaza Singapura Orchard Rd. )

When ? Sept 25-27 from ( 12:00 - 10:00pm )

The 1st day of the bazaar wasn't that exciting ... although I was happy I was able to set up my table in time. The event place was too hot due to low ceiling and lack of fans for more ventilation . Whew .... it's an absolute sauna from 1:00 - 4pm .

Sales wasn't that good for the moment either although traffic of people wasn't that bad, I always have people attracted to my displayed items the moment they pass my table . It's a good sign people like my items and spread the news to their relatives, friends and office mates. I'm always happy when My-SECRET-Corner gets recognized by word of mouth ...

Car park was also a hassle since I need to take the car all the way up to the top deck of Plaza Singapura car Park. The Atrium Car park was closed at a certain time during the night and available for Season's Card Holders only. Such a Disaster coz I need to push my trolley of things in the middle of Carrefour inside Plaza Singapura ,,, so what I did, I just left all my stuff and things at the venue and covered them with my textile materials ! My biggest worries and fear is - I just hope they don't get stolen overnight !

Well it's too early to complain since it was only the 1st day though but hoping today the 2nd day and tomorrow the last day of the bazaar would be a much better experience as well as better business for all vendors.