Thursday, April 07, 2022

No Promises ...

Are you fond of watching or following any movies or series on Netflix ? Month of March had launched the 2nd Season of its hits Regency-era drama Bridgerton. I had just finished watching all the seasons and suffered endless nighs and lack of sleep. Despite of such sufferings, I had enjoyed and admired a glimpse into the families, lives and beautiful homes of the early 1800s. So fascinating to see the Aristocratic way they had lived during those times as compared to Asian way from where I had grown up with. Both were absolutedly 2 very different worlds in the same universe.

The luxurious outfits and different fashion choices each character brings forwardto their audience never failed to make everyone's jaw dropped on the floor. An abundance of such elegant looks and items laid out during the 1st Season alone was very prominent especially when it comes to falunting the most exquisite and gorgeous pieces of Jewellery. Oh my my my ! 🤯🤯🤯

 Seriously, I couldn't stop watching the episodes coz I was deeply in awe  and wanting to see more ...

I had observed that some of the jeweleries worn were somewhat similar to some pieces I had beaded in the past. 2-3-5 yrs ago. Does it mean I was a reincarnation of someone from the past being able to make this type of styles ?  Hmmmmm quite scary ...  LOl 


As you can see. there's somehow  a bit of similarities between these 2 wreath necklaces  Compare this photo pictured below of Ms. Edwina Sharma wearing a set of choker and earrings with a matching Tiara in one of her attended parties to my beaded necklace I had created about 3 years ago ( picture above ). 

Photo courtesy of Vogue.Sg

I couldn't help thinking about them. Anyways, similar or not, I am happy I was able to create some  pieces on these styles of chokers way before the Bridgerton series had started on Netflix. Gave me a proud feeling for myself. LOL! 

I had even started making more nowadays inorder to catch up on the latest trends.  My elder sister and niece were so eager to get their hands on such jewelries coz they dare to be different. They had asked me to custom made some pieces for their own personal use . Sure why not ... I am more than happy to oblige myself to create such pieces furthermore.

So I came with these  pieces so far for them to choose from :

A beaded Silver lined Seed Beads and Swarovski Crystals Choker above as a version of the original piece worn by Ms. Kate Sharma in an episode of " Bridgerton " as pictured below.

Here below are also other styles to choose from my creations :

I love the short style necklaces in all the episodes. I find them bedazzling and  well embellished.

Bridgerton’s jewelry department.

 But of course they all come with a high price that only the affluent can afford. So I would just make my own versions that would fit a reasonable budget . A bit similar but a fraction of the price. So now you'll know where to go if you need some .... come to me and you won't be dissappointed. 

I never promise ...  I assure you !