Saturday, April 30, 2022

Let It Be ...

April 30, 2022 ~ Few days ago,  I got inspired after viewing the green colors that greeted me while watering  my potted plants in the morning.

 Oh my, they were all growing well under the sun . Even with the seldom  visits of the pouring rainy days , my hanging potted plants were all looking so alive 🤩😍🥰 . 

Just the sight of them flowering made me so alive as well. . I don't even need  to water them much too  . So happy that the water from the rains  had kept the soils wet 😀. no extra efforts to water them everyday anymore .... hurray !

Lucky that I had extra time indoors  for a couple of days.  So I had taken out my Cabochons to check what I can create with something of Green colors .

 With my green garden  in mind , I had unboxed my Labradorite Ovals and round cabochons with matching Emerald green glass rondelles , silky white seed beads  in size 8/0 as well as seafoam green seed beads in size 11/0 and my Paua shell buttons  .

I started to Bezel the Labradorite  cabochons . Bezelling is a fundamental beading technique to wrap beads around a much bigger bead or cabochon to create  a nice focal piece to add into  a design. This beading technique in combination with a peyote stitch is one of my beading favorites. 

Beading around the front part of the cabochon. 

Beading around the back part ... 

So far after in about 2 days, I came out with this nice choker ....

  I dunno but I felt like this necklace is still  unfinished and needs more beads to make it much bolder and more complete. what do you think ? 

 oh well, for now I am happy with this outcome. I already find it awesome though . But still, I might decide to just slowly add a few more beads later on. Simplicity comes first priority for now, complications for later then if I finally decide to give myself a harder time.. LOL ! 

A way to make my life much easier ... Let it Be ...contentment is the key !