Monday, January 31, 2022

Bling Bling Restoration

Bling bling restored to its sparkling glory! 🤩😘🥰

January 31, 2022 ~ I went to see some friends last Saturday night and happened to meet a friend I'd known from several years ago. She knew from the host that I would be attending the meet up so she came in with some things which she had bought from me before. A pair of Bling bling Crystal AB earrings !

From dirty / blurry crystals with missing ear hook due to wear n tear, I was surprised she was able to keep them with her through the years. She asked if I could repair it somehow and replace the missing earhook together with another pair of broken earrings she had bought overseas. I gladly accepted her request and took them home with me after our party.

Today, it took me a few minutes to first clean / wash the crystal earrings to get rid of the sticking dust. Dried them in the sun for a while before I started fixing it. I even made it longer as she preffered the lenght a bit longer than before. The crystals began sparkling after I had washed and dried them. Now fully cleaned, repaired & redesigned, the sparkling pair is now looking totally brand new and ready to party again!

Bling it on !!! 💃😍💃

I had added 2 big bicone crystals on top of the previous ball and the new vermeil hooks made it look even classier than ever. She had decided to make it longer coz she wanted more lenght to it. I also had added a new pair of Vermeil hooks with a different design to replace the old ones wherein 1 piece was lost somewhere and she couldn't find it.

Time for my friend to wear this bling bling again . Party time ! 😁

She got this earrings s from me I think over 5 years ago .

She said it's her favorite pair !


I also created a matching ring to  go with the Blingbling earrings as she had requested. 
Isn't the ring gorgeous ? What do you think ?

The pair of earrings ( pictured below ) which she had bought overseas during one of her vacations got some missing seed beads after breaking off at the tip of the design connecting to the hooks. Since I don't have the exact seed bead in my stash, I decided to dismantle the other earring to get a few pieces to balance them. With the aid of my size 12 needle and fireline, I weaved through the design to strenghten it and fix the part connecting to the hooks. Finally,  the pair was fixed as well and ready to flaunt. Such a relief to see them wearable again ...😍😍😍

Gentle reminder to not throw away your favorite broken jewelries . Handmade beaded items can always be redesigned and fixed. Trust me on this !

Simply send me a message if you need my help and I would be happy to assist you with your broken jewelries ...