Saturday, January 15, 2022

A Birthday ... Again !

January 15, 2022 ~ Don't be mistaken and confused of my birthdate which was January 14th. I actually celebrated Tonight and yesterday . Imagine 2 celebrations : Lunch at home where I cooked Osso Buco to satisfy my cravings coz Italian restaurants these days are too lazy to make such dish and Dinner in a seafood restaurant tonight to fullfill my cravings for crab and oysters. Wooaahhh such an appetite !

I was so overwhelmed by the personal calls from my children who were all overseas, greetine that poured in on social media was endless as well as the special gifts I had received so far from family and friends. I was so lucky and blessed. 

Thanks much for the cakes, flowers and my birthday wish :

This unique set of Mahjong tiles draws inspiration from Singapore Airlines and features the Airline's signature batik motif and flight-related elements.
Created specially for the Batik Label by KrisShop, the tiles feature Singapore Airlines' unique batik motif - a reflection of the heritage and grace of the world class airline.

Hurraaayyyyy ... Birthday wish granted ! 🙏🙏🙏

I am also very grateful for tonight's happenings during dinner where I had invited a few  selected available friends@ Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant. 
Tonight I was again wearing my set of Tigers Eye Bracelets as well as my necklace to complement my outfit for the night. I really just love wearing them especially on ocassions like this.

So glad they all made it despite the Covid restriction for the number of people allowed per table.

Thanks so much ladies for joining me for dinner and for your warm greetings and generous gifts too. I am so loved ! 😘😘😘💞

The incredible and tasty dish after dish managed by my ever hardworking lady friend Chi and her Singaporean husband Andrew are a must to try. Kudos to this lovely couple for the wonderful array of food served tonight. @ Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant.

So delightful, Thanks so much !