Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Let the Crystals Speak ...

The Beauty of Crystals and its healing properties fascinates me all the time. Just to look or stare at them for several minutes gives me some sort of tranquility and comfort . The cold to the touch feelin when I hold them or wear them even gives me a soothing cooling effect .

Crystals come in many forms and color. I am very much drawn to their sparkles and irridescent rainbow inclusions when angled & exposed to light. What a sight to see .. those glistening mini rainbows on the surface or those embedded deep within the stones. So magical ... Such a unique art form created by mother earth . Enhanced through rigid human labor to let the beauty of each stone come out into the open and be admired by everyone.

 I don't really mind being home all the time. Quarantine or not, I am happy to be home surrounded by crystals everyday .  They all give me calmness , tranquility and much pleasure everytime I hold and stare at them. Life is good despite of being at home all the time as long as my crystals, my beads, and my dogs are there to keep me company. 

All good 💖💖💖 !!!

I hardly have any human to talk to at home but my crystals all speak volumes in so many different ways ... will forever listen to them ...