Friday, September 17, 2021

~ Kind of Sweet ~

September 17, 2021 ~ Presently, whatever is happening in Singapore regarding the spread of Covid 19 is quite depressing . Especially for the seniors who are the most easily physically affected . Poor elderly ...😭😭😭

No matter what we do to avoid the spread, the number of people getting infected is on the rise. Just yesterday alone is 800 and today, I got 2 health workers in PPE knocking on my neighbor's gate. Hoping my neighbors are ok and I suspect because of that visit, for sure they are on quarantine . I hope they are ok ... they are ladies in their 60's I used to greet hi / hello everytime they pass . They are nice & friendly Singaporean people. 

Anyways, I nowadays keep myself indoors as much as I can to avoid being infected 😟. My beads , crystals and dogs ( BeadsCrystalsDogs = BCD ) as usual are always keeping me occupied day and night, thank goodness !  I just hope I don't run out of  certain bead supplies coz Chinatown also got some Covid clusters so not advisable to go there these days. Sad .....😢😢😢

Lately, I had been creating necklaces, bracelets and mask cords. It always depends on what mood I am in when I do my craft. I can be doing mask cords for 2 straight days or just experimenting on a new design of wearable beaded crafts all night long .so long I end up sleeping at 6am the next morning ... aaagghhhh 😫😫😫 Crazy me right ?

 Whatever comes out suddenly from my mind ... my hands would instantly jump into my beading table...then I would forget the time ... ooopppssss 

Below is a bracelet I had experimented one gloomy & rainy afternoon . Then came the necklaces I had created a day ago with a nice pendant made of pearls, superduos and seed beads. 

Visit my Pendant Tutorial video in You Tube here :

 I created 2 of this design in a matte pink and matte purple versions and both came out really  " Kind Of Sweet " ... what do you think ?

I named this design : 

~ Kind of Sweet ~

Kind of Sweet  Necklace ( Matte Pink )

Kind of Sweet Bracelet  

Kind  Of Sweet Necklace ( Matte Purple )
 of Sweet 

Kind of Sweet Bracelet 

Here are the materials I had used to  make them : 

11/0 Toho Matte Pink Seed Beads
15/0  Toho Mettalic Silver Seed Beads 
8/0 Toho Silverline Seed Beads
4mm Swarovski Pearls
4mm Swarovski Bicone Crystal
8 LB Fireline
Size 12 Beading Needles
Thread Burner